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Ez-Robot New Facility Update

Quite a few Contact Us messages have been flowing in about our facility and what's going on. Guess it's about time I provide an update:)

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Ezrobot has been growing significantly in the education sector - while the hobby and diy are still decently active, but a fraction the size as education. Also, the DIY users do not require the same communication attention as b2b. The old facility was a very "hacker-like" lab with drills and soldering and way too much "inventing" and not enough "business". That was the environment we defined which supported the engineering required to design revolution.

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Well, as I would love to be in a maker lab and solder all day... Business pays the bills:) and the old facility did not provide an adequate environment to support ezrobot's business staff.

So, we set out to find a new location with a more presentable corporate presence.

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Alan had lead the venture - which was full of many ups an downs. The Calgary economy isn't fantastic due to oil and gas prices - which you would assume is great for real estate... well, it isn't!. Some of the locations we bid on went bankrupt and others offering sub leases chose not to move. We had quite a few offers that were dead in the water due to situations like this.

EZ-Robot is growing, and everyone around us is shrinking. Good things come to those who wait!

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Ezrobot will be announcing a partnership with another education company soon - who is moving in to our brand new custom built facility with us. They will be managing the education side of ezrobot. The new facility also hosts a classroom, glass walled engineering lab, glass boardroom and more... All in an increased size of 5,700 sqft!

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The building has been undergoing construction renovations to tailor our requirements - and the expected date for our move is end of June.

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It's pretty exciting - and we will have a live broadcasted open house as before.

It's still under construction but enjoy some unfinished photos.

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Very nice and more spacious than that of your old place...This had to have been a curling rink in it's former life, though... :)


Ha - it was an empty building in a business district. We're having it built it for us - the main area won't be a large open space like that when it's done.

If you look closely, you can see green tape on the tiles which marks some additional walls that are being worked on now. The lab, classroom and boardroom. Oh and a glass entrance way.

Probably going to be one of the sexiest facilities in our industry:)


EZ Robot is definitely growing and evolving where it should... Just don't forget about us DIY guys... :)


Oh - never ever... although you all seem to take care of yourselves quite well:D


It looks like it will be great! Can't wait to eventually work there!;):P


I like it and you are growing in the right direction. Sometime business gets in the way of our fun, but as you say, it pays the bills.



That looks great! You all must be very excited! I know I'm excited and I'm not even on the staff. It's clean, bright and screams innovation and success.

I'm really looking forward to the "live" open house. I'm sure to be watching. I remember the last one you had in the "old" space.

EZ Robot is going no where but up. I've always known this would happen. You have an amazing product, are making great business choices and taking care of your customers. How can you not succeed with a combination like that.

I'm proud to have been one of your customers these past few years.



Can you give us a hint of what side of town you'll be located in?

Hopefully easier to get to and better parking. lol



Oh yeah - lots of parking! It's on 62 st... just up the street from ikea/best buy/super store/etc by that heritage park shopping center area.


Looks awesome. When you mention classroom ... will you organize workshops or masterclasses or something familiar ?


Congrats guys ! I'm looking forward to seeing it completed. Glad you were able to nail down a place. Its going to be awesome! Hopefully you guys have a grand opening party. I would so be there!


PhG - yeah there will be classes and workshops offered by our partner company.

Thanks everyone! We're all pretty excited. The internet was just connected today. So we might have the cameras up in a week or so to watch the boring construction over the next month while it finishes.


Best wishes EZ-Robot with your New Facility! That is great the education side of robotics is becoming more popular. The Scratch option was a great idea.


Hey DJ, Here's a crazy idea once you guy settle in. Maybe some sort of customer appreciation party / get-together. Might me a neat way of meeting you guys in person as well as the many of us from around the site here. Could show off more new products to come and maybe something to provide some on site training with that partner company. I dont have a passport anymore, but it would be a good reason for me to renew it.:D Just a though?! blush

United Kingdom

Great new premises DJ - I am so pleased to see your continuing success, which is a reflection of your hard work (and also your team) and dedication!



Engineering lab walls are going up... User-inserted image

Jeremie's new lab User-inserted image


Did you guys go with wooden studs on purpose (instead of steel)? Where I use to work we had steel studs which I really believe screwed up the network's wifi signal...

@Jeremie... Sorry man it's not like the pictures in the brochure... There was no money in the budget for drywall, power outlets, a desk or any equipment for you... :P @DJ however is out right now at a garagae sale trying to score you a plastic lawn chair...:P

United Kingdom

Looking good, and great news on the success (mixing business and pleasure successfully - not an easy task!).

Still waiting for that UK office to be part of the plan though... :)


Lol @RR I think there's enough 2x4's lying around to build myself a desk and chair:D

@Rich I'm certain that day will come:)