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Ez-Robot Manufacturing Updates - Ask Me Anything!

I would love to have a group style chat with any customers interested to answer a whole bunch of questions at once! Either a Reddit style AMA or a group Conference call would be great! If AMA is the way to go, I just need a few recommendations on what service we should use.

I find answering questions in real time is a bit easier compared to reading a whole bunch of questions, and then working backwards on each one. Let me know what you guys think!

Additionally after we decide and make this event happen, I will start a new thread to post regular updates in (to keep all the updates in one place).


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@Aerius - The Rover Chassis that we used to sell did not include encoders either. So no - the new Roli chassis will not have encoders.

@Niek - Importation duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. As with any other product being shipped internationally, there is very little a company can do to alleviate the pains of duty and taxes. Even if there was a reseller in your country, they may have to sell the product for a higher price in order to maintain profitability since they would have to pay importation duty's and taxes when initially bringing the product across the border. This is why pricing on many products varies between country. The company includes duty's but builds them in to a higher price. One way or another - you pay for them. Take Apple for example - pricing of a MacBook Pro is 1349.00 EUR (includes ALV of 262.00 EUR.) As Jason mentioned - it is highly illegal to falsify tax/ importation documentation, so we can't legally mark packages as gifts or at incorrect values. The terms and conditions you agree to when purchasing products on our site clearly state that EZ-Robot is not responsible for the importation duties and taxes that could come upon the products arrival. They also state where the product is shipped from so you can calcualte estimated duties and taxes on your own if you would like.
@Jason or Alan. Does it look like you guys will make a shipment for today?
That's a longggggg drum roll.. Let's throw in a rim shot.

@fxrtst Good one!
@alan Just curious. How many V4s have been ordered thus far? I imagine it's pretty high.
@Jason, has shipping started? The first 20 were to ship last week. Just wondering.
My 1st order was Nov.
Am I correct in anticipating delivery in July?
Thank You
Steve S
Hey Steve, if you were one of the lucky ones that made it into the first batch of the hand made boards from Canada (I think they made about a 100), then you would (should) have been notified more than a month ago letting you know whether you fell into the first shipment group or not... If you didn't get the email, then you are probably in the July shipment... My fingers are crossed for you dude....:)
I ordered in Sept and received the heads up email about being on the early shipping list. Have not actually received any email that the EZB(4) has actually shipped.
Richard R
Thank for responding .
I was not notified in any recent Email.
Maybe I am in a later delivery time frame? 11-3873
Steve S
@troy - I can't say exactly how many EZ-B v4's have been sold as that's confidential information. But I can tell you that since pre-orders have started we've gained 2452 users in 115 different countries:)

@Steve and @Robot-Doc - As Jason mentioned earlier on in this thread, the first batch made here in Canada will be fulfilling orders #3403-3634. If your order does not fall within that range - it will be shipped out of the first batch made in China.

@fxrtst and @Dave Schulpius - We have begun shipping. Anyone who's orders have been shipped out will be receiving an email with tracking number (if applicable) as early as tonight. If you do not receive an email - your order will be shipping out in proper succession throughout the week. There are a few random little parts (motor controllers and rover chassis, jumper cable kit) that we are waiting on so a couple of the orders will be shipped out of order, but will still have an EZ-B set aside for them from the first batch. This should only delay the shipping of these couple orders for a few days.

The most important thing to take from this email.... orders have begun shipping!
United Kingdom
I can confirm shipping has begun:)

Just got my tracking number:D
Great news Rich,
Shipping has started and you will be receiving one soon!
That is truly music to my ear... However, I'm pretty sure Jason is gonna' sneeze on mine or dip it in the toilet before he ships 'cause I was complaining earlier...:P Congrats guys you did it...:)
I purchased the Revolution JD along with another order for a present for Christmas 2013. Do you think I'll get it before Christmas of this year. I am really starting to get some concerns. Even after that I was dumb enough to make another order because I got an email after the New Year telling us that everything was fixing to ship and I wanted to get ahead of the rush. Now I have three orders made and nothing to show for it. Can you tell me when I can expect my order? Thanks for your help.
United Kingdom
Revolution robots will begin shipping in July, being sent in the order in which orders were placed. This is provided there are no further delays in the manufacturing process. Constant updates are being given on the progress now.

All delays have been explained and apologised for.

Honestly, you should have no concerns. You can see how much I put in to EZ-Robots as a community member, I would not back a company I had concerns about let alone provide as much support for their community as I do.
I am resurrecting this old thread for a moment.

I have a Roli on order. I want to order the RGB LED Display as an additional piece. If I place the order now, 1) Can it be shipped with my original order to save me on shipping costs, and 2) will it delay my order to add this piece to it?

EDIT: also sent email as suggested.
United Kingdom
@jaultman, use the Contact Us page and request it that way.While the forums are visited by EZ-Robot staff you'll probably get a better response if you use the Contact Us page which is monitored more often.