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Ez-Robot Jd Has A New Friend

Looks like Revolution://JD may have a friend to play with soon:

You get a lot more with JD and I don't know about all that Worlds first part on the Plen 2. For price/features, gonna be hard to beat a JD (EZBV4).


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haha what a rip. However this photo is both scary and hilarious...I actually laughed out loud...looks like a "transitioning" robot ala Bruce Jenner...

almost makes me want to pledge...not really:D

"PLEN2, the world’s first printable open-source humanoid." Really?

They have almost the same model as EZ-Robot, with an inferior robot that's pricier and uglier.

Plus I thought "PLEN1" was the first!?

User-inserted image :D


Just another biped in a sea of bipeds... JD has the ezb4, however :D


Only $800 if you want it prebuilt and you get to wait until the end of the year to get it. Looks like it has no camera, voice, working hands or much compared to JD. I think the world needs to know how much JD can do. He has a built in camera, working hands, walks, talks, will obey voice commands, has super cool multi LED eyes and costs less than that little blind Plen 2 robot. You can also easy add so much more to JD.


ha ha! @Doombot I had similar thoughts when I saw that picture but I was thinking a less evil Chuckie doll - both scary and hilarious!


Good for them:) It's ugly and the code looks confusing, even for me. But, it's a great initiative! They have to start somewhere


I think that little girl is holding the robot's pink scrotum hence it's a chick! Blahahaha :D


haha WOW Doombot! WOW! I would not have caught that! This thread went down hill fast, LOL

I'm surprised they sold some of their packs already. That song is oddly catchy, "Plen, plen, PLEN, plen, plen, Plen, Plen, PLEN, plen, plen, plen"

I'm still wondering what horror awaiting Plen1? And where they buried the body. OH SNAP! I just figured it out.....Plen2 is the evil "Mirror" twin that killed Plen1...sort of like KARR from Knight Rider or Lore from Star Trek.

Here's the "original" image from above. :P User-inserted image