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Ez-Mini V4 Prototype Sneak Peek

User-inserted image


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" a sneak peek by Niek" nice rhyme:) we all know its a mini but how mini? :) ..slide a ruler by it ..I am guessing 2.5 inches by 2.5!
Or, lay it down next to a V3. And thanks for the sneak peek !
That's actually a v4 prototype - but the labeling hasn't been updated:)
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Thanks for the pic:)

@irobot, look at it logically, pin headers are 0.1" spacing, you have 11 down the one side, plus the vcc/ground makes 12. You have 3 either end (ADCs and D7 to D0) so that's another 6 on top of the 12 which is 18. Plus 0.1" gap around the edge totalling 20 x 0.1"

My guess is the board will be 2" x 2"

I just stumbled upon something else:D

User-inserted image
That prototype is missing a few new features for the next weeks version. Including an audio amplifier and new ports for the EZ-chain... Which networks EZ-b's on the same connection.
Is this a sign that the mini V3 is here?

EDIT: just went to the shop. WE'RE SO CLOSE! My Rad project AleX just got very happy!
@Rich ..and DJ ...thanks so much for more information:) The leaks are turning into a stream:)
@Technopro .....luv your enthusiasm!
Did i read that correctly ¿ We can daisychain the new ones together ¿¿¿ :D
MMMMMMMM that opens many many doors :D hehehe
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You've always been able to connect up to 5 to one PC, I'm guessing that the EZ-Chain or whatever it is would just simplify that (not to undersell it)
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Gnd pins on the outside that's a change round and no heat sinks for the VR's
I wonder how the EZ Chain on one connection will handle projects with a lot of things going on that will require bandwith and computing power. Let's say two boards fully loaded with many servos, camera and ADC montoring. Will the bluetooth handle all that at once for better or worse on one connection?

I do like the lower profile the lack of heat sinks will give. This will help me out a lot. I wonder about cooling. Will this change make the heat disapate to the board? If so will the board get real hot and cause problems. Very interesting changes and looking forward to how these changes will effect the board and how it works in real life.
well theres ups and downs @dschulpius.

Ups to linking:
One connection, don't have to fiddle around connecting all the boards.
Controls everything through one connection
Don't tie up bandwidth with multiple boards

Slower responces
More wiring in an already complex project of wires
Requires more out of your PC