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I know there was one person who made a quadcopter with the ez-b but is there anyone else who made a helicopter with the ez-b? if so, could you give some tips?


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Always wondered how that would work when you have to be within Bluetooth range of a PC?
@ Techno pro , Xlrobots is making a mini quad , Vtail quad 450 and hex 450 kit for lifting payloads like cameras to use with ezb v4 , i wouldn't trust a regular sized aircraft with a bluetooth connection but the wifi range should be excellent , we will test range of the ezb v4 wifi and report back

Right now we are getting the prototypes done for the mini XLR6 and regular but it will be coming , we have already been picking out the motors, props , speed controllers and gyro board. There will be a board that ezb plugs into and ezb tells it what it wants to do but the grunt of the accelerometer calculations for real time adjustments will be on board.

@Rich that link didn't work but thanks
Ha ha , yes I see it. When we do the hexacopter Anthony wants to attach legs too is so it can land and scurry along or maybe even try using it like a flying claw grab machine , like the ones that always use to eat my coins as a kid.
United Kingdom
That'll be interesting, the weight of the legs and additional servos should pose a nice challenge:)
Great to hear josh! (any hints on motor power and how to set it up?)

Rich, post 22 on your link is Josh...
United Kingdom
I know it is, its the comment i was referring to...
I think it would be cool to make my own quad. The only problem I have is the motors. ESC's aren't directly compatible with ARC and I'm not sure how much work it would be to make a script to use them. Unless I use brushed motors(not sure) I'm stuck.
You control ESC just like a servo
Really?... Hmmm. So I could set up a slide script or something to control the esc's... Well if that's the case all I need is some help finding the right motors, props, and esc's and I'm ready to go! Maybe soon, but have to get another ez-b first.:D *eyeroll*
I will offer a DIY kit after V4 comes out. It will use axi brushless 2808 motors , 9.5 props, 12 amp escs, the 6 axis gyro board , lipo battery and frame.
How much do you think it'll cost?

EDIT: Looked at the motor price... geesss! Could you recommend something cheaper(same power)?
I forgot to ask, how much will your quad weigh? Cause that determines the motors.
We don't have a weight right now, when we do we will post it.
Hey Josh, Where are we at with this? Anthony posted just recently but you seem to be the major guy for this copter.
who did what with an ez-b v3? lol

Yea started that work years ago, it was my grad project for my bachelors degree. Converted to the PX4, which is now the bones behind mission planner and diydrones work (pixhawk). I did attempt to convert to the wifi module back then, swapping out the Bluetooth, but it was proof of concept basically.