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Ez-Community Rocks!

You are all awesome:) it's such a great group we have. And more great people coming daily. Soooooooooo I wanted to say I think ur all awesome. Super duper supportive and positive energy. Soon the world will be ez robot'd!!


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It's about time somthing like this kit and community come along and I'm proud to be involved in a hobby I love.
Before this kit and community, I had forgotten how much I loved robots as a kid back in the '80s. Every time DJ releases an update, I'm reminded of the eager anticipation I used to feel when a new issue of GI Joe appeared in my mailbox. Thanks, DJ!
Omg gi Joe was awesome!! I was mad over knight rider, mostly. I had knight rider pajamas and shirts and everything. Always wanted a talking robot car!
Great kit with a great community! Thanks DJ and friends!
I agree. Allthough im still new here, I have seen the community is really
friendly. I too will be having loads of fun with my EZ-B, thanks everyone and
DJ Sures!

United Kingdom
@DJ Sure
You always wanted a talking car?
Given what you have offered to us so far I wonder why you don't actually have one now!

You are right though, I have tried many forums over the years and they mainly come across as if they know best and you don't get answers you get more questions.
Or worse you get conder... condic... condace... nasty comments.

My personal opinion is that you have a good bunch of people here and I am pleased as punch to be a part of it.

As for the office staff who sit behind the curtains, all top notch
:D very friendly and helpful. So I also thank those who do not appear on the forum with web cams on the ceiling ;)

Kind regards

I gotta chime in too! Ditto on all! What a great place !