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This morning I woke up and found DJ already working! DJ works best at home, so he often stays up until late at night and then wakes up to continue working.

Alan (Operations at EZ-Robot) and I were talking today and asked me to use the Revolution to build something new. Specifically, he wanted me to build something new using the existing Revolution Robots to show how easy it would be for the new products to combine and swap. I decided I want to combine the JD and Roli Revolution robots. I looked at what would be needed and saw the pieces would need an adapter to combine properly. I worked with Cory to design an adapter piece and we printed it later in the day. It fits smoothly and the new robot looks great!

Earlier in the day I'd also found a cool vintage robot in DJ's magical basement. I asked him if I could EZ-B'ifyit and he was okay with it. In the afternoon, I took it apart and cut a slot into the legs for continuous rotation servo's to fit in. It is still under construction.

We're in the middle of repainting the main desk in the office, so on the way to the office we picked up some more paint. The paint we're using is stainless steel and actually has steel fibers in them. When it's wet it just looks like grey paint, but drying really brings out the steel shine.

And of course, to end the day I watched more Eureka back at DJ's place:)


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Awesome concept! What software were you using to design the adapter to join the 2 bodies together? Seemed better than what i can find! :D what do you think of ez-bits? I tried to build Jd but got really confused. Was it hard to figure out how to use it?


When your really passionate about something it can be ALL consuming and the hours fly by! Sounds like your having a great time and learning tons of stuff...were all jealous:)
By the way the TV show Eureka was filmed in my home town of Chilliwack an hour out of Vancouver("There has been some debate about the origins of the Vancouver name. It is now commonly accepted that the name Vancouver derives from the expression van Coevorden, meaning "(originating) from Coevorden", a city in the northeast of the Netherlands. This city is apparently named after the "Coeverden" family of the 13 - 15th century. An alternative theory[18] is that Vancouver is a misspelling or anglicized version of Van Couwen, a Dutch name.[19]Wikkipedia"

Thanks for the update Niek! Best regards,Glen


@irobot58 that's awesome! I did some research on Chilliwack and it seems like a beautiful place to live:)

@Technopro the software I used is the same as Cory uses: Solidworks. It's quite difficult, but very powerful


Great products and well done Niek. Can you also make it happen that the Robot would pick up toys/stuff (with the same colour). :)


Great Job Niek...:) Are those LEDs that are placed in JD's eyes.. I would like to know if how did u get that pattern when u switched on the JD... Did u place 4 LEDs? Any program for that?



The eyes in JD have their own controller, it communicates to the EZ-B over I2C.


@Niek Awesome job! When I was your age I could only dream about working on the stuff you are working on and with the people you are working with. I'm enjoying seeing your videos of what you are working on and sites you are seeing in Canada.