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United Kingdom
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Ez-Bits - Can Someone Give An Overview Please?

Hi All,
I'm a newbie and I'm currently connecting all sorts of goodies to my EZ-B. I've seen various refences on the forums to EZ-bits as a future add-on mechanism for peripherals and I've also noted that apparently the PCB went to the printers a few weeks ago, but I can't find any reference to what capabilities it is expected to have, or when it will be available - can anyone help? I'm particularly interested in knowing whether it will make adding a compass module any easier:)


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That was very well put and gives even more of a reason to admire you. I personally would love for you to come to California. :o)

"physical robot shells and mobile support" - I was thinking about this too. To some the thought of hacking a toy is scary. But if you had some plug and play style shells. I think this would open you up for a broader range of consumers. hmmmm.... I will think on this. Didn't you mention somewhere you have access to CNC or was it laser cutter? 3-D print machine?

A kickstarter page would be a wonderful idea. While I don't have VC funds would still love to contribute. All though you do have to promise us that when you are big and famous you'll at least stop by and say hi from time to time on the board.

DJ PS. The guy that funds the company I work for my be interested. He owns
Stage 8, he is an inventor himself and wants me to bring my minion in for him to see. I can't promise anything, he is older and technology escapes him. But could also get you a large warehouse to operate out of.
Thanks for that post DJ, its really exciting to hear how & where our favorite company/startup is going. I like the Kickstarter idea, I'd be in!
DJ What a great explanation of where you are going with the company. Run don't walk to kickstarter. A close friend created a 3d printer that prints in high resolution and was hoping in 30 days to get $50,000 in funding. In two days he met his goal, in 30 days he had $532,000 in donations and orders for his machines. You can achieve short term goals with this market ( social funding).

I recently grabbed up a 5000 sq ft shop here in Los Angeles, with the goal to start a new business in prototyping and design work. My goal would be to leave behind the film industry and start a consumer robotics company I'd like to say it's was inspired by EZ Robot and it's vision of the future robotics.

In any event we here in the USA would be excited to see your company grow and expand,

Keep up the great work

Thanks everyone! So many kind words:)

A great thing about being in the states is i'll be able to meet most of you!
Moving to the united states for sure would be the best thing you ever did , USA is such a melting pot of tech , manufacturing and hospitality. Infrastructure for shipping both inbound and out is well established. Dj I would invest both in financial investment , development or otherwise. I don't know which areas your specifically looking at but Atlanta Ga has low taxes , its a backbone for central USA national shipping. Plus cost of living is lower than California. If there was a way I could openly invest with ez robot I'd practically setup direct deposit to funnel you bits of cash:)
Well DJ, if you want to visit one of your Nerd Herd and need a vacation, My Son leaves for Air Force Boot camp in three weeks. That leaves a spare room in Key West, FL.:D
Woo goo! Thanx Dave! I sure like Florida:) looks like we will me in California or Washington - haven't totally decided yet:) Texas seems to be an option too
From what I have been reading, Texas is more Business friendly for new companies moving in
I think we read the same thing. But to be sure...cali and Texas are truly different cultures. Not in a bad way mind you. Just not the same.
Personally i would love to see you move to Texas :), the business side here has been good for me at least, living cost is much lower than Cali. Shipping is most convenient in central area and get to most place in the U.S. very quickly. There are lot of newly developed cities in northern TX such as Sachse, Rowlett, Rockwall, ect. great to establish new business. You should put up a donation page, i'd would help within my also very limited resource:)
Hmmm that's good to know! Hearing more about Texas all the time. Sounds like its an option to Persue!
DJ don't forget us in europe you should be thinking globely
There is always Colorado. Might feel more like Canada there, if you live in the wide open areas.
Colorado is beautiful! Can be expensive there right?
Colorado is where the money goes to play:D . But it seems to have been growing in the aspects of the electronics field. Not only could you have a nice open area to live with plenty of space I am sure it would be easy to meet some investors next door, that is if your good at sweet talking.
Plus the added bonus of almost being smack dab in the middle of the U.S. keeping both the Eastern and Western customers at pleasing aspects when it comes to shipping lol.
DJ... not really. There is only Northern California... :o)
..... Southern California ... Los Angeles... Do it do it....double dog dare ya!!!