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Speech Recognition Doesn't Appear To Pause When Robot Is Speaking

I was thrilled to see the new feature of "speech Recognition pausing when speaking" in a recent release, because I have quite a loud (amplified) voice on my robot and a lot of Mp3 sound triggers (over 150 in fact!) and it routinely "interupts itself" when speaking as something it is saying triggers a new Mp3 track to play - in fact it can get...

Questions With Speech Recognition

My speech recognition was working, although has always been a bit flakey (sometimes works, sometimes didn't) but in the last few days it has stopped completely. Other posts made me think that it was language incompatibility based and if I run debug I get the following message when I try to add the speech recognition control: "The language for the...

Hi, I'm New

I last built a robot 30 years ago :) It was named Forbin and was designed to be autonomous (as far as was possible 30 years ago) - it could detect sound and light, follow a track and a buried guide wire, avoid obstacles and talk as it wandered the room - I was proud to bits of it! Then having a life got in the way :( However, I was so enthused when...

Ez-Bits - Can Someone Give An Overview Please?

Hi All, I'm a newbie and I'm currently connecting all sorts of goodies to my EZ-B. I've seen various refences on the forums to EZ-bits as a future add-on mechanism for peripherals and I've also noted that apparently the PCB went to the printers a few weeks ago, but I can't find any reference to what capabilities it is expected to have, or when it...
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