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hi can you hellp me with EZ bilder because when i downlode the new 2015 version it will only be two fiels (exampels and http roots ) non of them have the main sofftwer stress


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Hmmm... not understanding what you are saying... Are you talking about ARC for windows...? It is a single file download and is self extracting/installing.... Download it... click on it and it will automatically install...


Sounds like your talking about the mobile version. You need to load an example or a saved project from the cloud You can first create a project in ARC and then save it to the cloud.

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If you hadn't tried already, (and I'm assuming your trying to download it on to a Windows 7 or 8 system, download it from this link and follow your on screen instructions to save and download. If your still having trouble post back here again and we will try to help further.


I feel he installed to windows but does not know how to run the software. I think he looked in the my documents folder, which displays those two other folders (examples and http root)

The poster does not know how to launch programs in windows - which will be quite a challenge building a robot:)

Perhaps the user has windows 8.1, which does not put the launch icon on the start menu screen. You have to manually search for it.


you all i hav found the program it was on my windows 8 app screeen thx thx thx

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Lol, it was there all along:P. Glad you found it. Happy building.:)


Actually I kinda like Windows 8.1 and the ease of updating EZB. Don't have to delete the pointer to the task bar and re-link after an update like you must do with Windows 7.


@Robot-Doc How do you have that ability in 8.1? I have Windows 8.1 and I have to delete the pointer on my task bar after an update.


lol, JustinRatliff, forgot to mention I don't use the task bar in Win 8.1. I just press the EZB image on the screen.

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I always download files to my desktop and install from there... I also just put a shortcut on my desktop of ARC... Never needs updating even when I install new versions of ARC..


@Robot-Doc LOL, ok, I get it...from the Start Menu. I like my taskbar, I wish it would not force recreation with an update.

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I do the same as Richard. Makes this nice and easy.:)