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Ez-B V4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller

I am using the EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller to replace the receiver in my RC car and make it into a robot . The 7.2 V battery powers both the motor and is connected to the ESC which then plugs into the receiver and powers the receiver also . The other servo for steering is also powered by the connection of the ESC to the receiver . Can you tell me how I should hook this up to my EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller . Also is the 7.2 Battery in the car OK to power everything or should the EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller have its own 7.4 Lipo power source .


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Yes, the 7.2v battery is fine for the ez-b v4.

There was a little bit of direction in your first thread here:

In that other thread, the answer to your question is to connect the servos and ESC directly into the EZ-B. Use the Modified servo Movement Panel and that will replace the ESC.

The biggest challenge will be adjusting speed and steering. Robots are usually much different than cars - so there is really no control that will plug and play for your steering need. I'm sure we can all work on something to help you get it though :)


Thank you very much . I just did not want to hurt the EZ-B v4 buy pluging the powered ESC into it . I also noticed most robots work like tanks with four motors and use them for steering . This will be a big challenge, but if we can solve this steering problem it will get a lot of RC guys I know to buy the EZ-B v4 and turn a lot of RC cars into fun robots . My rock crawler moves very slow so I think the motor control can just be one speed forward and one backward . The steering is the big one . I'll be back and thanks again , I knew EZ Robot was the way to go with this project.



I was going to use your Ultrasonic Distance Sensor To make the car turn when it encounter an object . That way it can just activate the steering servo left of right , correct ?


You sure can - that will be pretty easy.

The steering will be a servo, correct? So all you need to do is move the servo position to move the wheels. :)


Just one more thing , I want to double check and make sure the power going to the ESC servo plug that I plug int the EZ Bv4 control board will not hurt the EZb v4 any since I will be powering the EZ bv4 directly form the 7.4 battery also . Please advise ?


I am sort of doing the same thing now, finally hooked the servo up to the steering. I was curious with the custom movement panel, i can make the wheels go right then go forward/reverse, and same with left. But how would i go about making the wheels return to the straight position. I tried having the wheels go straight during the stop position, but then i wouldn't be able to actually move forwards or backwards while turning.


If you use the custom movement panel, for every direction you can set a servo position. As for turning while moving forward, you can make a custom Movement Panel with extra buttons with the mobile interface builder.

@sadi heric No, you need to remove the power plugs from the connector. Just the red. Leave the ground and signal.


Help , having the same problem . So what you are saying is to use the continuous Movement Panel and put ESC servo plug into the left wheel servo input which will give me forward and back .Then put the steering servo into the right wheel servo input area and that will give me steering . Cutting the red wires on both servo plugs . This should let me get auto control using the ultrasonic sensor correct ?


I tried the layout as I described in my last post . Did not work . Let me explain ! What I am tiring to do is run a small RC car with the EZB using a ESC motor control which I have working very well with the Continuous Movement Panel. The car has a single servo controlling the steering , which also works fine with the EZB and a servo & the horizontal servo control . What I want to do is have the car move around the room and avoid obstacles like in DJ Sures demo video of the ultrasonic sensor . My problem is I have wheels not tank treads. I just installed the ultrasonic sensor today and thought that using the Radar it would work the servo with its auto program to turn the wheels, but I don't know where to put in the Steering servo information to get the Radar to activate and control the steering . Help , Help , Help ! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .



@sadi heric, I don't know how much script writing experience you have but this thread written by Rich is a great resource for Object Avoidance scripting. Check it out.