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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Ez-B V3

Hello, anyone know the the min. and max. input voltages to power up the EZ-B v3?


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Thanks, any way to verify that? I don't want to see the magic smoke.
Richard R is right.
Here is EZ Robot tutorial in which D.J. says up to 18 volts.
Mine had better performance at 7.2 volts.

Steve S

Video Link
United Kingdom
7.2v is recommended voltage
17v is maximum however may cause the regulators to get hot (spec sheet says 17v but DJ has said 18v personally I'd go with the lowest of the two to be safe)
5v is absolute minimum however may cause the EZ-B to become unstable
@Steve3623, those numbers are correct... you won't blow your board....:)
Thanks everyone I appreciate the help.
Close the thread with whoever helped you the most.(not to pester)
Thanks, Richard R,although the rest of these posters helped to verify his answer.
It's an awesome community here... we back each other up....

Hope you stick around... :)