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Help With Wowwee Roboquad

Help With Wowwee Roboquad

Hi, I just got the RoboQuad from ebay and I started to follow the video on connecting the EZ-B to it, but when I opened the head it looks different then the video. The...

Ez-B V3

Hello, does anyone know if EZ Robots still has a buy back program for the EZ-B v3? If so any details. Steve3624

Arduino Into Ezb V4

Is easy to turn an arduino uno into an ezb v3. I can't find any ezb v3 to buy and I like the ezb v3. somehow the title changed to ezb v4 it should be ezb v3. steve3624
Ez-B V3

Ez-B V3

Hello, anyone know the the min. and max. input voltages to power up the EZ-B v3? Thanks.

Help Mounting Bluetooth Module

Does anyone know how to mount this Bluetooth module BLK-MD-BC05-B to a breakout board? It has connectors I haven't seen before. See photo. Sorry I don't know how to add a photo, but you can google the part number.

No Video From The Camera

Hello, I just received the EZ-Robot complete kit and I am having trouble getting an image using the video camera. I followed the instructions including DJ's response to someone else having trouble with the video camera ( I took the cover off the camera's dongle and pressed the reset button as he instructed), but that didn't work. In the "devices...

Ez-B Software Error

Hello, I am having trouble running the newest version of EZ-B software version 2013.01.16.00. I can run version 2012.09.22.00 without any problems,but when I try running version 2013.01.16.00 I get this error " The application has failed to start because it's side-by-side configuration is incorrect.Please see the application event log or use the...
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