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Ez With No Pc And Servo Control

Just begin to play with my new EZ kit and it's fun but I have two questions:
Can I download my program in the EZ so I do not need the computer ?
Is it possible to have more controls for the servo so it will give a more natural look, like acceleration and decelaration setting ?


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No you actually need a PC, EZ-B communicate with the computer via the bluetooth serial port.
Well, you can't save the program on the ez-b (YET!). At this point, you still need and computer. Or you can try an Mini-ITX board, so the entire system fits on your robot body.
About the servos, You can set the speed using script..
best regards.
Thank you PJ_Dtechy and tevans, I was thinking of making an autonomous mower with the kit, I will need to rethink all my assembly to be able to add a PC.
Have a great day !
Great team work PJ_Dtechy and tevans! Andre99 good luck with your mower. Let us know if you have any questions. :D
Honestly I added a Computer with full size head sink, full sized Nvida graphics card, desktop sized hard drive and dual hard drive caddy ext and fit it into about a cubic foot space.. You can do it. Here is a pic.. This is a 12 inch wide by 14 inch I believe.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

A mower should be plenty large to retrofit a PC into. If all else fails just use a Acer 7 to 10in netbook. Those are great too!
Good luck , I would really love to see this mower Project. I don't have my own grass but it sure seems like an awesome thing to have. Imagine just chilling out drinking a cool glass of tea while you supervise your mower in the shade from a laptop. Nice.
Thanks all for your help now and in the future !
I will receive my motors and weel tomorrow, I look forward to make the assembly.
jstarne1, impressive fitting, for now I will probably install a laptop I do not use but space will be a big trouble for the final because I will not have a lot of space, I intend to keep the mower complete and just remove the weels and the arm.
I will post pictures but it will be slow, I do not have all the mechanical parts yet and the framing of this will be my biggest challenge.

Has somebody try the I2C ? After looking at some data sheet it look like the resistors need to be 5K and not 10K, am I wrong ? I will receive a compass unit next week and it's I2C.

Have fun and thank's again
@Andre99 I believe there are tutorials for using the Blinkim LED which requires I2C commands/interface :).....and I know Rich has used I2C as well....again a Forum search on I2C will help!