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Ez Robot Wireless Camera

Can multiple cameras work at once independently controlled from different PC?

DJ...this is for one of my customer, he asked that if it's possible to use multiple EZ Camera at once, each camera on a different PC (for each student) controlling from EZ-Builder. Also if using more than 1 camera on a PC, do you need to have a USB receiver for each camera?
You always need a receiver per camera.:)

Yes, he can use many cameras on different pc's in the same room. The cameras will not interfere with each other. The USB receiver dongle is paired to the camera.
United Kingdom
However, be aware that using 2 of the same camera on one PC doesn't work as expected in EZ-Builder, only one is selectable (in my experience).
Thank you DJ and everyone for the help.
Yes I've ran several cameras at once , they don't interfere with each others signal. For the money that's a very nice feature verses a analog camera;) - Josh S
That's great to know Josh, one less thing to worry about:)