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Ez Robot Standard Servos


I have a question about the standard servos in the EZ Robot Kit.
I received the replacement servos that were originally bad.
I understand that problems happen in every business, no fault here on EZ Robot side, and would just like to say, very impressed with how it was handled. :)
Back to my question ... lol
No sense in throwing a servo away so I tinkered (by the way that is my robots name ... Tinker) with them and got 3 of the 4 working right.
One had a gear with some stripped teeth, probably happened after the motor dropping down.
I know. I know, is he ever going to get to the question?
I was going to try and order some new gears and wondered what model they are?

Thanks ... Herr Ball


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They are Futabu - rebranded from the factory with EZ-Robot. The Futabu model number is on the servo:)
DJ meant Futaba:) I believe the internal gears are the same as Futaba S3003.
Ok Im I the only one noticing his avatar? LOL:D
Cracked me up!