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Ez Hud Is In Development

Initial Prototype. Still need to clean up code, add a few more graphics and text, then add control commands for ARC script.


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Looking pretty good so far. Can't wait to see the end result.


OK, I'm lost. What's a HUD? It looks really cool but what does it do? Looks like you put some hard work into this. Please let me know how it can be of use to me. If it's just for looks than that's awesome too. I love cool looking things.


HUD = "Heads Up Display".... Mostly pilot's of modern fighter aircraft use it. It varies depending on the aircraft they are flying or helmet they are wearing.... It is a system that projects tactical/flight information right onto the cockpit windscreen or helmet shield. It's advantage is that the pilot can get valuable information without having to avert his eyes from looking outside the aircraft...

If I recall I think even Luke Skywalker used a version of it in the Star Wars movies....


Thanks, now that is cool! Will this new HUD display give robot or ARC feedback? If so what kind?


It is visual feed back overlay-ed onto the EZ Robot camera feed. So eventually we will be looking through our robots. We won't so much be looking at them but through their vision. It is a step in the direction of HoloLens and Oculus Rift. By seeing the robots senor output on the video feed you will not have to look at EZ Building while you are controlling the robot.

This particular HUD is controllable through ARC script so you can display any sensor values you like.


Wow, that's an awesome demo:) looking forward to this plugin!