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Man - haven't had a minute to check your last line plugin yet, and now you surprise us with another awesome data display plugin. Geez, you're on a roll!

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I love what you're doing with these plugins @Leavers. I especially like the look of this gauge one. Nice job.


I like the plug-in work. Web applications can be such a pain in the butt. The gauge chart is the last of the charts I think I need to do. Any thoughts on the next plug-in I should attempt? Got something on the enhancement list that someone of my skill level might be able to help you with?


Might be interesting to combine sensors for a sensor fusion chart. Maybe a radar chart the combines a 360 chart with the compass sensor and ping sensor...?


@Levers... A dashboard of sorts would be awesome... EZ-Dash :) Like a heads up display where you can observe a bunch of information at a glance... Battery, ping, compass, etc....

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@Richard Can't that be done with Sketchpad already? Not sure about adding the data strings etc. but it can draw basic shapes.

Or the mobile app can do that already. Not sure if the mobile app control updates realtime on the PC or not (it's been a while since I used ARC).

If neither do it then yes, that would be a good addition. It's something I touched on with Jarvis once but used PHP and a web server to manipulate a live camera image with an Ironman style overlay... that was clunky and a PITA though.


The mobile app will never be able to run plugins. This is due to the terms of agreement with iOS in that users of an app cannot have access to creating code which runs on the device in the namespace of an existing app.

Also, the visual programming approach is different with mobile than PC. The plugin would have to be written entirely separate. Even then, the third party code execution agreement would have the ARC mobile banned from AppStore immediately:)

The sketch pad in Windows "can"' in theory draw basic shapes for data view / but it's a lot of work and wouldn't be nearly as user friendly as a plugin. One of the benefits to plugins is even though you may start small with a simple bar graph, you will quickly get the hang of it and begin tackling bigger projects - such as levels of power is demonstrating. Mind you, he's picking it up impressively quick! Excited to see what he makes next.


@Richard R

Oh yeah, I can imagine it now... an dynamic hud data display that you overlay on the camera image. That would be sweet! You could send it to the Andriod and iOS as a composite image of the video and the overlay. Then there wouldn't be any of the lawfare that DJ is talking about.


True, true. However programming that dude in sketch pad wouldn't be EZ. I would try and make it plug in the values to ez script and press go kinda thing.

Well, I don't want to get a head of myself. I gotta get the gauge done then I'll work through if that HUD thing is something I could actually pull off in a reasonable amount of time.


Do you have a Sabertooth Kangaroo board? They seem to be pretty popular. Maybe a Movement Panel for the Sabertooth Kangaroo that uses the UART to read the distance traveled?

Or do you want to stick with visual controls for the time being?


I'm just about ready to release the gauge control. I'm putting the finishing touches on the ability to control the redzone on the gauge. I'll post the source code once done and I'm open to code review and comment if you are so inclined...or have the time;).

I'm up for doing any project! I just ordered the Sabertooth Kangaroo. I've been messing with the cheap h-bridges for so long I didn't realize that the Sabertooth was so feature rich. I may need to mock up some analysis on that one. I'll start a new thread once I get something together.