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Ez Boxbot

hi guys i really wanted a jd robot but it was to expensive so i decided to purchase the parts for the ez boxbot and use other peoples coding (as i saw a page where other people posted there coding but now i can't find that page) since i don't have lots of availble time and i only can use my dads laptop for 2 hours a week and i don't know how to code.I know that a tutorial was made with the coding but that is for the ezb 3 i need help finding the page with all the coding or if someone programmed a boxbot could lend me the coding i would really appreciate it


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All of the public projects are available from within ARC. On the right side of the main menu you can open from the cloud and search for projects.

What components are you using for your boxbot? Clearly continuous rotation servos. Do you have servos for arms? A Ping Sensor? A Camera?



you can use already written codes or you can open the ARC software connect to the robot you already made and go to Auto Position settings and then frames you can get a Cheat Sheet on the top. And the Cheat Sheet shows you all the code. Also ez robots are down to 199$ at brookstone but I don't know if this deal is off maybe you can buy a ez robot. :)

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@thetechguru I am using all the same parts dj used in his video but what a ezb 4 and I was hoping I could use someone else's coding from someone who made the boxbot already


I haven't seen the video in over a year, and I can't watch them at work, so that doesn't answer the question....

Anyway, you can browse other users projects here. I filtered the link on the word Box and it does have a couple of boxbots, but no way to tell without opening them and comparing the setup if they are using the same parts plugged into the same ports as your project.



you can merge another ones project and use it( dj )


All the robot projects are included with ARC in the examples folder as explained in the learn section on how to use ARC.

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You can download that project and if you haven't started your project yet just open it and modify as needed. If you have started your own, then open your project and use the Merge Project function to merge in the parts of that project you want.