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Resolved Resolved by EzAng!

Experiments With Google Just Launched Teachable Machine 2.0

Go over to their website to check the new features!!

Teachable Machine is a web-based tool that makes creating machine learning models fast, easy, and accessible to everyone.
You can now export code to use it offline...

Or connect an Arduino to drive your robot directly by using a web app!!
So there are a lot of options...

The above sketch runs an the Arduino Leonardo, which is supported hardware on the Synthiam platform!! 
So who will be first to do some EZ-Builder integration for this?:)

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@3603d I am sorry to say that I might not be able to help here, I do not own the Arduino Leonardo which is required to connect, when using this setup!
The boards I own, do not work...I tried and had no luck!!
The way I used the above code, is to send those values to the EZ-Builders native Http Server!

So if you want to build the Tiny Sorter, I would advise you to buy the Arduino Leonardo and follow the steps provided on their page!

If you want to send values from your own Teachable Machine project to EZ-Builder to eg drive a servo, you can use the example above...

If you want to send values from your own Teachable Machine project to an Arduino Leonard via serial, I cannot help because I do not have the hardware to test if this works...but maybe someone in the Forum with an Arduino Leonard could help?:)
I really appreciate your attention to my questions! You helped me take the first step, make friends an arduino and teachable machine with a servo drive. (After 2 of your video tutorial, I focused on the renamed Class 1, Class 2 in degrees of rotation, but I still couldn’t get it because of the Chrome cache, I disabled it in the developer’s tools and everything worked out !!! as always a grain, a trifle, the last mile ...)
     On my last question, I managed to connect the slider to the servo, changing the firmware of the Leonardo and p5.js. code, moving the slider I controlled the servo. But to align, connect, send the results p5.js "Teachable Machine" instead of the sliders I could not (((
Hey, since I was remembered to close this...I just gave credits to EZang60, because he is super active at the forum!!
I hope he will be happy about some kudos!!:)
Hi, all great information here, thanks for all

I am super active at the forum because I am excited to learn, so many things to explore and test.

be well

This is showing how Pose Estimation can be used to drive a robot with Teachable machine!:)