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Experiencing Difficulty With EZ Builder Beta And Web Page Synthiam Date Errors

I downloaded a beta version yesterday EZ Builder and noticed that my collision avoidance using 2 sonar sensors front left and right are not working the same any more ,the bot will randomly go left or right instead of the reliable Movement Panel Radar avoidance it had before it would turn for the best possible way to go depending which sensor activates when looking at obstacle or walls. It could be that I need to re-check my wiring but wondering if I should just go back to the last EZ Builder version I had because I had this same issue with the last Beta I tried a few months ago and then it was fixed in the next release. The other thing I noticed was my older Terminator thread on this Forum is showing wrong date Jan 2001 when I try to add a new post and only says it is an edit from Jan 2001 instead of new today? I am ready to test my Bot outside but hoping I get the Sonar working better first.

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The issue with dates are fixed now so you should be able to update old content and create new ones with correct dates.
Text to Speech e.g. SayWait on the beta version is not working.
#5   — Edited
@ptp thanks for pointing that out. All fixed now (i.e. comments with wrong dates in the website).
Share your project - there hasn't been any changes to the ultrasonic radar controls in a few years. 

@PTP, the SayWait() works perfect. What issues are you experiencing? Also, comments on a version would be nice to keep organized on that particular release note as a comment
#7   — Edited
I can't reproduce anymore, yesterday i tried a few times and the TTS was complete silent. I rebooted and still no success.
Today is working, please ignore.
haha, no problem. We'll chalk it up to Mysteriousoft Windows:)
Good to know not the beta, I likely have a bad wire on 1 sensor,will use new wires and re do them, today turning out to be sunny here,good day to get the bot roamin
g outside!