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What happened, why is ez-robot being evacuated on 6/20/13 at 8:09 pm, from the office web cam, was it a robot uprising?


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Facebook explains more. Something about floods or something like that.


I rarly get on facebook but will check it out.


U.S. national morning news showed buildings floating away and crashing into bridges in Calgary, Canada. They stated there was a large mandatory evacuation order for Calgary. I hope everyone is ok dealing with this unfortunate event.


Ya we've been having constant rain for the whole week here in Alberta.

I'm 1.5 hrs away from DJ and we are on local state of emergency status for flooding.

Calgary is getting hit hard, the Elbow river is out of control again.

Taking my water-wings to work today. :D


Thanks everyone. It's true, we are under evacuation. My home is on the edge of downtown and we are flooded in. I do live on a hill, but the bottom of the hill is a pool and no one can leave. We don't know what our office looks like yet... I honestly have no idea what to guess at this point. It's pretty bad.

Here is a link to photos from Calgary:

To give you an idea, I live where most of those photos are taken.

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Flooding sucks, we had it over here bad in 2007 and the county I live in was like Atlantis (not an overreaction in many towns and villages). It caused so much damage it is unbelievable.

This was a town...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I hope it all gets sorted out quickly and everyone is safe and well (including all of the robots).


So sorry to DJ, staff and all people affected by the fury of Mother nature stress Your family and friends safety are of the most concern. EZ-Robot office will survive. The whole community will send what support they can. We all understand if your not on the Forum for awhile :(

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Hope the waters subside soon


Hope everything comes out OK. Good news that your on a hill. A teaspoon of bleach to a gallon of water will make it safe to drink.


I just found out what happend, very unexpected! I am praying and hoping for the best recovery


sorry to hear. As long as everyones safe its ok.

By the way, did you shut down all the electronics? that would explain why the cameras arent showing flood water.

also, i cant see wall-e in the last clip on the cameras. is he with you?