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Am i the only one having some strange epilepsy behaviour on my robot?

It happens to me very very often and i don't know why. Sometimes, cutting off power, shutting down Windows and restarting all, the problem seems to be solved, but very often, i need to off/on, off/on, off/on many many times.....

I don't know what is the matter, but however, i think that it's time to stop making in China! I am sure people would like paying something more but having an affordble product mane in Canada.......


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That is an incredibly rude comment. The quality of our components are of the same in your iPhone, computer and satellites that broadcast your television. The assembly and firmware has nothing to do with your strange behavior. I would recommend sharing your software and hardware configuration for someone to help diagnose. What you are experiencing is either poor power supply, over heating regulators, or configuration issues...Either way, it is a user error and not fault of an entire nation.

Future comments like this and you will be banned from this forum.

Our staff in China are incredibly passionate about robotics and EZ-Robot. They are paid and treated very well from us. The reason we use China for manufacturing is because it is what China does best. Italy makes great pasta. Australia has kangaroos, Canada has snow, and America makes a great hamburger. Everyone's great at something:) .. Now smarten up with your comments and someone will help resolve your issue.


That was a belligerent post, if I was Chinese I would had been offended. About you provide more details so we can help you diagnose your conflicts.


I didn't want to be belligerant or rude. Maybe i have used wrong words or a wrong way to expose an opinion and i am sorry for this. I will try to study english better so i will can have a better vocabulary and i will can speak without beeng rude... I don't want to offended anyone absolutely, so, scuse me for this.


Can you give us more details about your problems.


@odt I can understand frustration when experimenting with a project , we all have the moment we scratch our head. A video is worth a thousand words if you find it hard to explain exactly what is happening. Often seeing a problem occur and seeing screen shots of ARC at that moment can clue us as to which direction to go with troubleshooting. Have fun and try to relax. You would be amazed at how much ends up being user error but as you gain more experience you learn to recognize this. - Josh S


This is the fact:

I turn on the robot (it is not finished at now) and i test it. Everything goes fine. Then, sometimes, it become crazy. Every servos, become to goes up and down fastly....... but not the motors. I stop software and robot become quiet.

I restart the software. Robot is quiet, then, after few seconds, become crazy again.

I do and redo on/off many times, so, robot goes ok...........

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Is that in ARC or in VB with the SDK?

I recall you have been using VB, I would try it out in ARC and see if you have similar results. This will eliminate your VB code being the issue.


Same behaviour in both mode.


I have think about interference in bluetooth, but it happens even when pc is very near to robot....... about 30cm, not more......


You may want to start from the ground up.... What equipment are you using, servos and model, power supply being used, and any other equipment. I would start from the ground up. Test each piece of equipment one at a time...list everything you can and be specific. Pics may help too.