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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Dumb Question Of Terminal Colors On EZB-V4

After blowing a fuse on my EZB-V4, when measuring pin voltages, I think I shorted between Vcc and Ground.
Is this the correct assignment for each pin in a channel?

Black Pin - Gnd
Red Pin - Vcc
White Pin - Signal

This is not in any of the EZB V4 write-ups I have seen anywhere.

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I think it's pretty clear what pin assignments are. It's kind of understood that generally in electronics red power + and black is negative - (or ground). So by default the white pin is signal... It is inferred somewhat but still pretty obvious... I know you have been around a while so you know there is an ezb spec sheet on the ez robot website. Been there since the introduction of the ezb4.. See some info here EZB4 Details... FYI you can always test the pins with a multimeter buy using a old servo wire with the non-plug end stripped and split (to prevent shorting of the pins which you had mentioned you did)...
Yep.  That’s what I get for hacking when a little tired!  I’m an electrical engineer with 31 years experience.  What is funny with respect to AC Controls (this is DC I know) is that black is power, white is  neutral and red is signal in AC wiring. I think that’s why I had brain fog. 

Anyway, labeling this on a graphic of the EZ-B would be useful.
#3   — Edited
Yep, Don't work when tired or distracted. Bad things can happen. Keep alert and take your time.

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Oh no Dave! What happened? Was this recent?
dave's B9 had a bad day.lolxD
LOL, I had the bad day last week, not B9. Another lesson in working while tired, distracted and in a hurry.  You would think I'd have learned this lesson long ado. All is well after a visit to the ER and a number of stitches. I didn't firmly clamp down a piece of metal while using my drill press. The drill bit caught the metal and broke it free of the clamp. It spun around and picked a fight with my finger. The finger lost. With a little healing time I'll be good as new. I feel very fortunate I still have a finger. However my dreams of being a hand model have been crushed. LOL.