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Dj On Computer America Radio Show

Just finished watching the video of you on the Computer America Radio Show.... Really great interview. I really enjoyed it....

So curious on what big companies have lic ez robot.....:)


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Good to hear! I also thought it was a great interview. ;)


Thanks Richard! It was a really fun interview - specifically because I had no idea they were going to record video ahead of time. So there I was, awkward in my dining room!


Anyone got a link to that interview?

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DJ, great interview, I watched the whole hour and enjoyed every minute (except for the adverts).

Wow, I have also learnt something from it, that SHIFT + DEL deletes files without sending them to the recycle bin!



Ok, so I started thinking about what large companies would want to lic ez robot.... I came up with iRobot... Their 880 is their flagship but it still hasn't evolved much since the 500 series...The next logical step would be to embed an ezb4 into their roombas. We do it, so they might as well... Presto... Instant Wifi, internet, voice recognition and camera navigation....

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If we are guessing I would say it'll be some type of interactive toy manufacturer. Mattel, Hasbro, etc.


@Rich... Though about that too... The reason I thought of iRobot is because they seem to be at the end of the development of floor vacuums... I mean in the sense of how much different or better can you get it to clean?.... It cleans very well now so I would think that the next logical direction would be to focus on making it smarter, pc/internet connected, voice controlled, etc.... I am sure their software developers could do this, but as the saying goes "why reinvent the wheel" just use a ready made one... In this case lic ez robot...