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Delivery Question?

Hey guys. Have u guys had a problem with the delivery carrier? I had DHL carrying my package. The package had been in their warehouse for about 4 days already. Until now they couldn't figured out how to deliver my package. First, they said my address was unclear. Done. I gave them my full address and told me to leave a notice at my front door with my tracking number, name and notice. After 1 day they said the update on the address did got in and therefore have to skip another day. Then today, they said they attempted to deliver it but no ones home. But I'm at home the whole entire day. And I never heard a single knock of anyone at my door (except for other visitors). Then, said to wait till monday cus they don't operate at weekends. Can't get the package from their facility since its too far from where I live (thats why its being delivered right?). Seriously, are you guys having the same problems?


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About 10 years ago I had a couple of issues with DHL. I haven't since then. I have had issues over the past 10 years with ups, FedEx and usps. The most recent was usps yesterday. The mail carrier ran into my mailbox by the street. I don't know how she did it, but this weekend I get to put up a new mailbox.

A lot of the issues have been the person delivering the packages and not the company.


I see. I guess its a good advice that EZ-Robot should change their delivery carrier with their product, since having UPS and FedEx is way better. Not in-terms of company but their branches are good that the delivery men are experienced in delivering around US country (although I'm biased here). I'm just saying it in a general perspective.

Today I almost had a high-blood because of this. Felt like my delivery carrier don't know what their doing. Waiting for almost half a year for something worth almost $500.00 and being ruined by mistakes in delivery which extends it for almost a week. Sigh.


I had problem with them because of driver not company.

Last package no problem from ez-robot 4 days from china. My mail box is closer to next door house. On the last delivery by dhl, I left a message to dhl on the mail box.

Ups can not find me if they are not the regular driver.

FEDEX CALLED ME because they could not find me, had to give directions.

Neighbors on both sides bring packages delivered there by mistake.

GPS shows me in a vacant lot. Street name changes at my location, and street is only 4 house long.

I have lived in the same place for 8 years.

Enough said...



I personally like DHL far better than ups or fedex. I like that DHL calls me and asks when I would like my package delivered that day.

I have had ups drivers drive by my house without stopping but mark the log as me not being home. This has happened many times by ups since I moved into this house.

FedEx I used to never have an issue with until about 3 years ago.

To me it seems like DHL wants my business more and is willing to go out of their way to help.

Usps has me worked up right now due to my mailbox.


We had tried to work with FedEx and UPS for additional shipping options - but there pricing was incredibly high and it would have added nearly $100 to the price of our robots.

In the future, we will offer the option to select FedEx or UPS for an additional fee.

However, in the last 3 years and thousands of orders - we have had only a handful of delayed shipments like yours. And we have had zero lost shipments, which is a positive for us:)

The MSRP price of our robots is not merely the cost of material + some magical profit number. The price of the product is based on the entire company's operating expense. These expenses are everything from salaries to desks to toilet paper to electricity. One of those costs is "lost product in shipping, etc.". If the predicted number of lost products was high, our prices would be higher to compensate for it.

So in short, you may be frustrated with a few day delay - and that's understandable because you're so friggin excited to play with your robot! But on the other hand, the delay saved you and everyone else nearly $100 per robot:) And, it's very rare that DHL messes up.

To be frank, I believe even FedEx or UPS would mess up as well. Remember, it's not the entire company we are discussing here - it's the branch in your region - and more specifically, it's one employee in your region that screwed up. It's unfortunate that we consider the entire DHL to be at fault, but I do respect your eagerness to play with robots!


I ised to have horrible luck with DHL, but I think they subcontracted delivery in my town because the delivery vehicles were always personal cars and the delivery men never had a uniform (although they did have ID worn around their neck). Since about a year ago they started delivering in DHL trucks with uniformed drivers and the service has gotten better as Fedex has slipped (several late deliveries with obvious lies in the tracking info).

We'll see how they do with Roli which I am having delivered at work so I know someone will be available to sign for it. I expect they will be fine in DC.


United Kingdom

Personally I prefer DHL to any other delivery company over here. I've had huge problems with some of them from non delivery, just throwing items in to my back garden and damaging them and my garden and most recently I had to chase up one order because it wasn't delivered and it turns out the delivery company claimed to have left a "sorry we missed you" card twice (they didn't) which meant I had to collect it from them at my cost and they aren't close.

DHL on the other hand always update delivery status on their site, telephone me and I've never had an issue with them leaving things just lying around or tossed in the garden. I would always use DHL over anyone else. In fact, my JD was attempted to be delivered yesterday, I was out, I got a card through and in less than a minute I had redirected the delivery to a different address for Monday with no problems. They also told me of the fees involved well in advance so it did not delay shipping, these were paid easily and there was no delay at all.

But like DJ says, one person in one department in one branch can always cause a delay.

Hopefully you get your delivery soon:)


DHL is HORRIBLE in the US! I have been waiting on a package for over a week since they first held it. I have even given them directions. I have told them to deliver it to the Post Office and still nothing! They are completely incompetent in the rural US. Now with the delay of Roli due to the Chinese Holiday I may never get it through DHL! mad


I have to confess, I'm worried about something like @deuel18's issue happening to me. We used to have a DHL hub in my city but the opposite of what happened to Allen happened here. We had a hub that didn't do too well then, they shut down. I actually thought the the whole DHL company went bust until I found out that EZ-R Co. was using them. I never see ads for them anymore or anything.

I saw a DHL van for the first time in years just the other day and am wondering if they have re-opened. I didn't get to see the license plate so I'm not sure if it was local or not.

I live in a city less than 4 hours away from 3 or 4 other major cities so I can't just assume traffic in my town is always local.

Fed-Ex and UPS are higher priced and I've had issues with every one of them at one point in time. Even USPS screws the pooch from time to time.

We're never going to get away from human error. It just happens from time to time. I know it's no comfort but hey, at least you know your bot's not still being manufactured. My GF ordered a Roli for me as last years Christmas present. She says that if I don't have it by December it's going to turn into this years present. Don't fret, she's just joking with me.;)

I hope you get your bot soon @deuel18.


DHL is elbowing its way into the North American market which is dominated by UPS, FedEx, and USPS. They are owned by Deutsche Post (Germany) and are THE premier international shipper in most other parts of the world, especially Europe. As Germans are incredibly pragmatic and regimented people, we find that DHL is the best BECAUSE of how many times they scan each item (I had lunch with our rep not long ago and he admitted he thinks they maybe scan products too often haha), but this is why we haven't lost any shipments knock on wood. As ezrobot is a global company we had to weigh the pros and the cons of our delivery service and as DJ had said, the others would not have been cost effective and would have cost you guys more money. Leveraging DHL's global network we've been able to save you headaches of arguing with couriers about lost shipments.

It may take an extra day or two, but it will make its way to you :-)


Thats enlightenment in mind Sir. I understand now. ^^ hopefully next generation our technologies will be efficient and convenient enough DHL can scan packages several times in shorter amount of time. ^^


I discovered that a delivery was attempted yesterday (1:30 pm) by going to my profile page in EZB and clicking on the tracking number within the shipping summary page. Now I have to wait until Monday, Rats.


Three weeks from now it'll be a distant memory and be forgotten. You'll be having fun and learning about your new toy. Why spend the energy worrying about something that will be a distant memory in just a few days?


@Dave. Wiser words are rarely spoken. I logged on this morning to tell an old DHL delivery horror story, but decided not to since it is no longer relevant to the company as it exists today and your words pointed out here was no sense in stirring the pot.


thanks for sharing video of dhl drone.


p.s. i don't think roli would fit... lol And he likes to see where he is going. j



Guys, my package is collecting dusts in DHL. Same issue today. Same reasons. Same advice they gave. And they said if I don't get it by tomorrow of September 29th, I'll have to do everything all over again. Call them, confirm the informations and details and hope for the best. Fantastic.

I guess the final thing i'll do is tell them to just burn my package so I don't have to get a high blood worrying about it lol.


I gave them turn by turn directions to my house from St. Louis, 75 miles, and after 10 days of sitting in St. Louis and daily correspondence, I received my "DHL Express Letter"! They probably had to justify the trip by waiting on more deliveries in this area which I can understand, but I shouldn't have to be their GPS! At least someone knows that I exist now so when Roli starts shipping they can get it here. I feel your pain!


Each company (FedEx, DHL, UPS etc) has their benefits and downsides. The benefit of DHL is an incredibly fast service for a good price. They are great in any urban area but the service apparently lacks in more rural areas. Many of our customers receive their packages before we even get the chance to update their order with a tracking number!

As DJ mentioned, we will be providing options to use different shipping providers in the future. This will give everyone the option to use alternative service providers although there may be additional costs.