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I happen to notice several staff member working in the engineering office at 1 am! I don't know if this is an early day or they are working through the night. I just want you guys to know that these guys are putting in the hours for us.

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They always do. Being on GMT timezone I often see what happens at night and it isn't all darkness most of the time. Some of them guys work throughout the night on occasion, other times it's like a scene from Toy Story with all the robots coming to life:)

But yep, you are right, they put in the hours and are working around the clock to get us the revolution robots and V4s amongst other things. What people forget (or don't know even) is they have a huge task on their hands which will take a lot of hours to sort out.


Well said Rich! The transparency EZ-Robot provides is far more then most companies......The last time I was up all night was when as a young adult with my ...ahem girlfriend!........Anywaysssss, passion is one of the things that drive people and companys to excel!


There were staff here from last night until 6:00am today...we are getting it done however we can:)


Ez Robot is on a budget, so sometimes Jason doubles as the night janitor...:P


@richard , don't be silly , there is a robot for that.

United Kingdom

Yep, it's DJ's Roomba:) "clean my dirty house"... one of the first EZ-Robot videos I saw (after the Omnibot 5403 ones).


Lol, @Rich & @jstarne are correct we have been deploying the Roomba around here nightly to clean up after if only we had a robot to clean the that is a dirty mess of maintenance:)


...well then you'll need a robot to clean the robot that cleans the Roomba.... good thing you're a robot company :D