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Cyborg Name Decoder Post.

Someone posted theirs in another thread and it seems like it's starting to be popular so, not to hijack his thread I started this one.

You can find the CND here.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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Haha digital juggernaut pretty much describes you:D

Here's mine:)

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Not too far from the truth I guess...

User-inserted image
User-inserted image

"Dangerous Harm"? Hopefully not.
Always knew I should have had a lead role in a Stargate episode:)

User-inserted image
I find mine really cool... It is so Star Trek:D

User-inserted image
User-inserted image

This is fun! At least the "organism" ( carbon based ) part is correct:)
This isn't me but it's funny.

User-inserted image