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Covered In Schmutz...

So my first developer kit has finally arrived, and I'm excited to bust out its contents and start experimenting with them. To my surprise, I find that the EZ-B is covered in some kind of liquid, almost as if someone in the middle of packing it had opened a bottle of coke next to it.  Everything else seems to be perfectly fine and pristine, but I'm afraid of this EZ-B not working properly, especially if I try to clean it myself.  Has anyone else had this issue?

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Looks like maybe some glue from packaging? Or maybe some old fashion coronavirus. Alcohol it off and let it dry. Plug it in. I've never had one of mine come looking that way, but they have been a mess over there..alot of people not coming to work etc..and its after their new year excuse..just probably the reality.


That's gross:P Have you contacted ezrobot? I'm sure they'll do something to help you.


@DJ I have, but I haven't gotten a response from them yet.

@fxrtst My package was actually delayed significantly because of the coronavirus scare.


Oh I heard they were having some issues about that. Apparently its a huge problem right now getting stuff out of China. Haven’t chatted with anyone from ezrobot in quite a while. Last I heard, they were traveling for a pile of conferences with the giant jd


@DJ Bitter much? c'mom man they are useless without your software.... The corona virus should be viewed as a stock buying opportunity....


Bitter? How'd you get that? I support them big time! I'll always have a special place for ez-robot


The Tech support I always got from EZ Robot was always so fast and they bend over backwards to help you out with any defects or even major electronic failures.They rock!

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Yeah, I think Will hit it right on the button it looks like glue over-spray when the manufacturer was building the packaging. Common Isopropyl alcohol from the local pharmacy should take it right off. It definitely looks terrible but hopefully it comes off easily.


Wait, im confused, lol. @DJ ? are you not EZ-robot and Synthiam? your the one who started EZ-robot correct? just wanted to get the whos whos straight. :)


Isopropyl did just the trick, and pretty easily at that. Thank you. :)

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On to the experimenting!!


Ah, that looks normal:D Sexy EZ-B v4.x/2!! I can tell it's a /2 because you can slightly see the silver metal cover over the wifi components above the camera port