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Continuous Rotation Micro Servos?

I want to build the BB-R2 from Mr. Baddley.   I want to use the IO-Tiny and a 7.4V lithium battery.   I need three continuous rotation micro servos like the FS90R. 


However, I need it to run with the voltage up to 7.4V.   Will the 7.4V lipo "fry" the FS90R?  Is there a 7.4V continuous rotation micro servo?

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these are 6 volts servo's . i dont think they will last long .
Those little servos don't last long when using regular voltage haha - they're super terrible. The only ones I know of that are similar in size are the ez-robot micros and they use 7.4v and have metal gears - and stall protection and overheat protection and such.
In the end I found that I had bought some of your 5v regulator cables in the past. I also found some additional ones on eBay that are designed for mixed RC when someone has a set up 7.2 and 5 V servos on the same radio control system. I was able to test it with the regulator cable last night and it ran great I did not get hot. But that was before I had run it on the D0 output of one of my io tinys. The servo got hot and channel D0 appears to be blown but channel D1 still works fine.
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Hi @mstephens_42

The EZ-Robot micro servos may be able to be modified to use in continuous rotation applications. I will have to check if the stall protection activates and disables the servo after a few seconds. 

Otherwise, I would suggest continuing to use third-party continuous servos with the 5V inline regulator as you suggested.

*Edit: Actually come to think of it Feetech does have 7.4V rated continuous servos. They are called FS90R. I bought them at Robotshop I believe. I've successfully used them on my Magnedrive robot.