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Continuous Servo Movement Panel

I plugged in 2 continuos rotation servos to my ezb one in D0 the other in D11 and selected continuos rotation Movement Panel while configuring i clicked on the test button and it worked my servo moved front back and stopped properly but when I click save and press any arrow it doesn't work and then after pressing stop my ezb disconnects.


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Here is a video it of what happens



you forgot the link off the video


You really don't need to upload a video. What are you using to power the ezb and servos?... Remember most disconnects are caused by not using the right power source...

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Let me try to add it again


You can't add a video directly here... You need to upload it to YouTube then link it to here...

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I'm using recharge batteries and there were fully charged and it working when I'm pressing test but when I click save and try using the arrow then it's stops working


What kind of rechargeable batteries.. ? I don't think "AA"s are good enough... I would be using a 7.4v Lipo instead... Try it with just one servo and see if it works... If it works then it's your batteries not giving enough Juice...


If he's using ez-robots AA battery pack, it seems to supply enough current for 2 continuous rotation servos. If he's using another brand of servo maybe not.

Also, is there any other controls in the project? If so, they could be to blame. Try this with a fresh project with only a continuous rotation movement panel.

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I used 6 aa batteries 4 are 2500 mah and 2 are 1300 mah but there were fully charged

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And I don't think the batteries are the problem because it's working when I'm pressing test but when I'm trying both together it's not working


I still say it's your batteries dude... When you press test it is only driving one servo (less power needed)... When you close the control and press the Arrow forward button both servos attempt to move, then the disconnect... 2 servos obviously use more current than 1, right? Your batteries are not providing enough current for 2 servos...

Try this... Disconnect (un-plug) one servo and press the forward button (with just the one servo connected)... If it works... You need new batteries...

Just a tip you should never use "AA" rechargeable when using servos or any application that requires a lot of current... Use 7.4V Lipos or 7.2V NiMh rechargeable batteries instead...


@Richard R I use 2500mah aa rechargables, and the robot only slogs a little bit. But I agree, it sounds like his battery pack.

When testing, you can run both servos I believe. Press forwards test on 1, and forwards test on the other, running both at the same time, and see if it burns out. If not, its a bug.


You should never mix mah rated batteries in the same pack. The uneven discharge could be related to your issue.

If they are rechargeable NiMH, they should be OK running 2 servos with 6 of either mah rating. The nah rating tells you how long they will last, not how many amps they can deliver all at once. Rechargeable Alkaline can not meet the inrush current requirements and the EZ-B will brown out. Non-rechargeable Lithium AA's are OK, but wasteful. Alkaline are not. NiCD (if you can even still get them) can not meet the inrush current requirements either.

Personally, I think EZ-Robot should add a LiPo, Charger, and the Adapter plug to the Dev kit and raise the price accordingly. This issue happens too often. But you can get a 7.4v 2S Lipo at any hobby shop that sells R/C cars or planes or easily find them on-line in your own country and not need to pay the international shipping rates.



@MazeHorizonTech If you have "good" niMh "AA" then they will work of course... but even awesome, name brand niMh "AA"s will never provide the current and longevity Lipos, SLAs or Sub C niMh packs can deliver...

Personally I recommend not using rechargeable "AA" at all and I agree with Alan, a Lipo and recharger should be included in the ez robot dev kit...


With your battery configuration, the most current that you are going to be able to draw at any one time is based on the smallest battery cell that you have (1.3 A * the C rating of that cell). The way that the pack is configured is to increase voltage and not amps. The thing is that these batteries don't use C ratings so you would have to identify the manufacturer and see if they have a spec sheet for those batteries.


In any event, you don't have enough current or amps available for what you are trying to do. Its not the EZ-B, its the inrush of current needed by the servos that is causing the disconnect. This has been discussed many times in this community. Use the search feature and look up "Inrush Servo" and enjoy the reads. There is a lot of info available from many different users.

I also agree that the dev kit should include a battery but I think it has something to do with laws about shipping LiPO batteries outside of enclosures or something. It seems like this was mentioned by Jeremy or DJ before.


customs check lipo's more the one time averywhere

see link a bomb proof bag for lipo's,gets you thinking.

lipo bomb bag


@Nomad... what's your point? EZ Robot already ships lipos in all their robots. Why would it be any different if they added a Lipo to the developer's kit.... I have bought a few (larger) Lipos from eBay with no problems....


here in belgium they check lipo's 3 times. i like the idea of putting a lipo and charger in the kit.


It seems like I remember DJ saying that because the LIPOs were enclosed in the robot, they didn't have an issue shipping. There were some countries that would not allow the battery to be shipped loose in the box. I could have made that up but I think I remember seeing this a while back.


that is correct david.

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Thanks guys I charged the batteries again and tried it with 2 servos it worked for like 1 minute until it discnnected but then I tried with 1 servo and it carried on for long I hooked up 3 servos and the camera it worked for a very little while before it disconnected but I think I'll need new batteries. Thanks Richard R for answering first


;););) Hunter's robot ran great on 1350 Ni Cd rechargeable batteries. He is using continuous rotation servos. His robot ran prior, and recorded 4 videos after that. He gave it a good test following the red ball, many servos, and was using the 6 cell developer kit package. The 2500 rated batteries ran even longer. The battery charger said it takes 9 hours on the 1300 series batteries and 12 hours on the 2500 batteries. Make sure you charge them long enough, and keep similar rated batteries in the charger.



NiCads produce more current than niMh.... But lets be honest here, the best batteries are NOT "AA"s no matter if they are niMh or NiCad... I recommend Lipos, Sub C Nimh or SLA... and in that order...


We all know that, but the Op was using rechargeable batteries for developer kit as instructed , and they work! Don't talk them down for a user unless you tried them. I think his issue was charging them.


Yeah, we don't have rechargeable "AA"s here in Canada... we still use oil lamps to light our igloos...

I have a drawer full of AA rechargeables.... really should throw them out... they are crap, but good for those solar powered deck lights...... Hmmm, actually my inMoov eats them like skittles...;) Or maybe you suggest I should replace his 6V 12ah sla battery with a bunch of "aa's?

The ops batteries actually could barely drive one servo... He'll probably buy some Lipos and will be much happier for it...:D

Let it lie Steve... You really going to "call me out" for dogging on "AA" rechargeable batteries? You use your "AA"s and I'll use my Lipos and SLAs.... everyone is happy...:)


Richard, Watch again the vids powered by AA. You are so entertaining, creative, and assertive. I was not putting you down. I am glad we have you on our forum. You have created some great EZ Robots!;)


Figured i'd jump in on the conversation, I'll be pulling info from a number of the posts in this thread and will add in my own experiences as well. :)

The OP is definitely experiencing a brownout (voltage sag) resulting in the ez-b resetting.

So, Yes, you can run 2 continuous ezrobot servos with either 6 x NiMH or NiCd 'AA' rechargeable batteries but here are a few things to note:

  • Using NiCd batteries with a lower capacity rating is ok because NiCd's can deliver very fast inrush current. Keep in mind though, a lower capacity means that the servos won't run for too long before the batteries need to be recharged again

  • When using NiMH batteries they will have to be a little higher in capacity to make up for their slower reaction to inrush current. I use 2300-2500mAhr.

  • Mixing capacities (mAhr rating) of any battery type is not advisable as the lowest capacity will be your limiting factor. If your lowest battery is 1300mAhr, it will be the first to run low and it will drop your overall voltage very quickly

  • Due to the chemical change inside batteries (i.e. sulphation, crystallization, whiskers, memory effect, etc) over time any battery type will degrade and loose capacity. I have many rechargeable 'AA' batteries that will charge to their full voltage but when used they will go flat very quickly due to being old and having a much lower capacity now.

In this case, I would do just as @Mohamed.r is already doing, I would purchase some new 'AA' rechargeable batteries.

Alternatively, I would also recommend looking at moving up to LiPo batteries, as they are very powerful for their light weight but I'd say definitely work with what you are comfortable with until you are ready to make the leap:)

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I have 1300 mah recharge energizer batteries I have 4 of them and I'm mixing them with the 2500 mah nimh recharge batteries if I buy another 2 1300 mah energizer batteries will it be able to power the robot similar to box bot as buying a lipo with the connecter will cost a lot because of shipping and the 1300 mah batteries are new batteries that I just purchased And i would hate for them to go to waste and if getting all my batteries 1300 mah will power my robot that would be excellent

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hi guys im sorry to bring an old thread back but i have 1 nd a half months holiday and i would like to buld my robot during the holiday the lipo battries from ez robot is to expensive so i wanted to know if i purchase 6 new aa battries 1300 mah energizer recharge battries will i be able to power by entire boxbot the batteries are nimh 1.2 v

the batteries



Those will work for a very simple boxbot. I run one that just has 2 continuous rotation servos and hte camera, and I use 6 Enloop NiMH batteries. But more than a couple of servos and you will get brownouts, and the bot won't run long on those batteries. Maybe 10 minutes of movement.

If there are any hobby shops in your area that deals with R/C planes or cars you may be able to get a LiPo without the shipping costs from EZ-Robot. Any 2S Lipo will work.