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Continuous Rotation Servo Specs

I did a quick search and did not find anything.

Does anyone know the voltage (specs) for the Continuous Rotation servo in the developers kit?



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Operating Voltage: 4.8V to 7.4V

All servos are designed to run from a 2S LiPo.


@DJ.... Wow! at 7.4v that's over 100 oz/in.... That's twice Hitec's CR specs.... Kudos.... I know where my next servo order is coming from.... :)


:) Thanks! We have our servos specially built for EZ-Robot Revolution. They are not servos available anywhere else. We had to design the requirements ourselves because there were no others with matching specifications.


Correct me if I am wrong but based on the max voltage of 7.4 the expectation for powering the servos directly from the EZB and battery holder in the developers kit is a no go without some voltage regulation involved.

It takes 6 batteries at 1.5 volts = 9 volt.

Using rechargeable batteries I am measuring around 8 volt from the power pin of the digital ports of the EZB.



The instructions included in the developer kit states to use rechargeable batteries :)


I can't remember the thread but there was a discussion on staying away from alkaline batteries with the developers kit. A couple reasons being that it's expensive to use servos with alkalines as they chew through them and they can't provide the current required by servos sometimes.

Yeah, the Max voltage rating on servos isn't the absolute max it's just the max recommended voltage, you can go higher. We test our servos at the LiPo Max voltage of 8.4V because that's what 7.4V LiPos put out when they are fully charged so 8V is ok. It is likely the rechargeable AA batteries you have will drop under load anyway, so you'll be good.



Thanks for that clarification.


So just to clarify:

  1. I am using rechargeable batteries
  2. Perhaps I am missing something DJ but there was no instructions in the box. I saw the use of rechargeable batteries on the website learn section.


I am giving this to rich since he gave the answer to my main question first.



Okay, I am really impressed with the servos that came in the dev kit. I have been replacing some that I had trouble with in my Wall-E build. These servos are very strong for the size and have made me far more comfortable about my build. Previously, I would unplug the Wall-e and he would basically collapse. Now I unplug him and he just sits as he was when he was plugged in. Also, the chatter of the servos is far less than before. The movement is much smoother also.

So far everything that I have seen from EZ-Robot has been excellent quality and almost overkill. Great job on these. I know where I will be buying my servos from going forward. Thanks!


I dunno, Servocity has a Hitech Digital servo #HS-7950TH, 488 oz/in. @7.4V at a mere $150 ea.A bit pricy yeah, but the torque.... nice! :)