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Cont. Rotation Servo .Stl - Size Right?

Could someone from EZ-Robot or someone else that has printed the continuous rotation servo double check it for me? The female ez-bit slot size seems way too small. I've printed the ez-bit cubes and their male and female bits match up with purchased ez-robot/ez-bit items. So that tells me the cube .stl is good and my print can print them correctly. I mentioning that to rule out the thought for now that my printer printed it wrong.

My goal is to convert cont. rotation servers from the experiments kit to EZ-Bit style servo.

The overall case size from the print was good, they replace the servo case bottom nicely - screw holes match up, etc. But female slot is way too tiny.


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3D printers don't print at 100% of the requested size. There's a significant level of inaccuracy. This is based on the type of filament, the slicer math, heat and cooling temperatures, and flow rate. There's far too many variables for your printer to make a 100% duplicate copy of the dimensions.


DJ, I would totally agree and what you say makes sense. However in this case I still have concern that the .stl might not be accurate/current.

I can print the ez-bit cube just fine and the male and female sides of the cube when printed match up fine with purchased ez-robot items. I've printed multiple cubes, all of them are fine.

The cont. rotation servo .stl when printed is constant in the slot size smallness. This is the first part I've printed that I've ran into that was a different size, other than the clearance item lever servos I bought that had male ez-bit tops that were too small. Those turned out to be an early non-mass production size which is part of the reason they were in the garage sale type clearance sale. Is it possible this .stl is not current to the mass produced version?


Are you talking about this .stl file P19 A-01.STL or the P22 A-01.STL? Either way they both seem to print and work fine for me... I print them in ABS... Not sure that makes any difference, though...


P22 A-01.STL And I too am printing in ABS. You have no problems, the female slot fits male connectors just fine?

Well, fudge! Thanks for confirming they are fine RichardR. I appreciate it.


No problems at all... P22 A-01.STL fits both injection molded and 3d printed parts perfectly...


So, when I printed the P22 A-01.STL before I did so with my XYZ software for my daVinci printer, and as we know it printed with smaller slots as I mentioned. This was the first part that really did not come out right for me, which is why I asked if the .stl included had the right dimensions and of course it did.

So I purchased Simplify 3d printer software yesterday and gave it try....and WOW! I've been missing out all this time. It slices the print so much faster and more efficient. I printed P22 A-01.STL on the same daVinci printer with the Simplify 3D software and it not only came out perfect with correct slot sizes, it some how came out prettier, stronger and had less clean up of support material. I was kinda blown away!

Simplify 3d software is the way to go if you have a lower end printer like I do.