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Connection Questions

I cannot seem to connect my ez-robot revolution six to my iPhone. I am entering the IP address as and a message pops up saying connection error. Please advise.



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can you connect to your pc and see the number you have . also the batt off six and your iphone fully loaded.


Unfortunately I don't have a PC. I have a Mac computer and I don't think there is an app for Mac. Both the battery on my iPhone and robot is fully charged.


whits iphone do you have?


Hi, we need an answer for every one of these questions in order to help you...

Relevant Mobile App Tutorials

  1. Here’s the tutorial for the EZ-Robot Mobile:

  2. Here’s specific instructions for connecting SIX to EZ-Robot Mobile:

  3. Both can be found on the Activities tutorials:

Connecting Debug Procedure

To receive assistance, these questions must be answered.

  1. is the battery on the robot fully charged?

  2. does the ezrobot make a startup sound when powered on?

  3. is there a light flashing on the ezb when powered on?

  4. what color is the light on the ezb?

  5. are you connecting the phone/device to the wifi network of the ezb?

  6. Press the connect button.

a. If an error appears, some devices take up to 1 minute to detect the ezb - wait 5-10 seconds and press connect again.

b. *Note: do not change or modify the IP address field on connection screen. Use the default value.

  1. if a connection still does not occur, does the ezb wifi name display as the connected wifi network on the connection screen?

  2. have you double checked the wire connections to the ezb using the very helpful learn section on our website? Ensuring the black wire if all plugs matches the black side of the ezb connections? Etc...

a. Learn section can be accessed here:

  1. reset the EZ-B and repeat this procedure

a. Resetting tutorial link:

b. When resetting, does EZ-B speak introduction message as in the video?

  1. If still unable to connect, notify EZ-Robot with the answers to these questions. Also provide what device is being used to connect to the EZ-Robot? (model/operating system) eg Samsung Note 3/Android, iPhone 6

@nomad you already know the answer is no... ARC only runs on a PC.... You can however get a program(s) for Mac that will run virtual windows...



i dont know what a mac is?are these programs exspencive?


Oh my Lord..... You don't know what an Apple Macintosh computer is? Invented back in the late '70s? You know Steve Jobs, iPhone etc? Bill Gates and PC's competition?.... Seriously dude you need to google or get out more....


here in belgium we dont get alot off surch .we see alot less. yes bill gates i heard off him.

United Kingdom

@nomad and Aabid

If you chose to go down that route, there are a couple of ways to run Windows on a Mac, but each will require the user to purchase a Windows OS licence (about 100 for Windows 8.1). You can use "Boot Camp" which is built into OS X and install and use Windows that way, or as Richard suggested and use virtualisation software, which uses a third party program such as VMware Fusion (about 70), which runs Windows along side OS X.


DJ has give you some good questions to answer (a couple you already have done), so if you can answer these when you get a chance, we should be able to help you out.:)


hi steve G

i have win7&win8

its good to know that there are ways for mac users


Back to the original topic question, that problem could be due to a number of things. First and foremost, your Six must have a maintained internet connection. It's a good idea to have your Six on the same network as your phone. With the more obvious stuff out of the way, it could be a problem with your E-Z B, since that's what hosts the server you're connecting to. I'd recommend you try the default voice commands to make sure the E-Z B is working correctly.


@DJ @Steve

Both the battery of my phone as well as the robot's is fully charged

The robot doesn't make a sound when turned on. However, when turned on the servos twitch and that makes a sound.

When turned on there is a light flashing blue. When trying to establish a connection the light stops flashing.

The light is blue

I am connecting my phone to the wifi network of the ezb.

Yes, the ezb wifi name display is the same as the connected wifi network on the connection screen.

I have double checked the wire connections several times to the ezb using the very learn section on the website.

When resetting, the EZ-B doesn't speak the introduction message like in the video.

I have tried using both an iPhone 6 (model MG4F2PK/A) and an iPad Air 2 (model MGKL2CL/A) both running iOS 8.4 (12H143).

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Thanks for answering the questions. So, your EZ-B does not make any sounds (audio tones or speech) at all, and you cannot establish a WiFi connection. This to me sounds like there is a problem with the main (ARM) processor which is located on the lower board inside of your EZ-B. Someone else had a similar problem a while ago with a damaged processor I believe, with similar symptoms. The only thing that can be done here then is the EZ-B will need to be replaced.

The best advice I can give you is to use the "Contact Us" link, then click on the "Warrent Claim" icon. Write down exactly what the problem is and copy & paste the URL of this forum thread in to your warranty claim. The guys at the office will take it from there.



Thanks @Steve. Will do

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No problem. Hopefully it won't be to long before Six is up on his feet and running around.

In the mean time, have a look and complete the lessons in the tutorials for your Six robot. They are a valuable source of information for setting your robots up correctly, and you learn some pretty cool stuff from there too.

Revolution Six Tutorials