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Connecting Ezb4 With An Ezbv3

I broke one of my EZB4 boards and was going to temporally use my EZBv3 with EZB4. I know I can connect both. But when I do it sets the calibration to 50 and not 90 as the EZBv4 every though when I only connected EZB4.

Is there a way to connect these 2 boards and not lose my calibration from my EZB4 board? I hope I explained this right.

Thank you all.


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The EZ-B V3 only has 100 steps of resolution to the V4's 180 therefore 50 is centre.


I understand that. but since you can choose witch board is connected under the calibration page ie board 1 or board 2 ect. i would think it would or should know which ezb is connected and use that calibration for each ezb board. unless ezb software uses the lesser board. i'm i making thinking this currectly?

thanks Rich

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Not quite sure what you are asking. What's the calibration page you are referring to? Do you mean servo profiles? What's the problem you are having besides the V3's being of a lesser resolution?


Yes. In the menu, I choose project, then configure and it takes me to the fine tune servo page. I fine tune my EZB4 board that all my servos are connected to. Then I connected my EZBv3 as board 1 and go back to the servo fine tune page select board1 but both board0 and board 1 servo fine tune page(s) are set to 50.

I would like to use EZB3 with my EZB4 but I can not because it uses only the 100 steps of resolution from EZB3. In other words it messes up (breaks my parts because the calibrations are no set correctly on all my servos connected to the EZB4 when I connect EZBv3 as board 1.

This is only temporary until I receive my EZB4 to replace the one I broke.

Thank you. I hope I am making sense.

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You can change the calibration position in fine tuning from the default 90, set it to whatever you need it set to.


I tried that and it worked, the only problem is, if I close the program and re-open, boards are set back to 50. I don't want to break any more parts.

I guess I will wait until I get my new EZbv4. It could take weeks?

Thanks for your help Rich.


EZ Robot still has the black Friday sale going on so perhaps you should order 2 just in case?


Are you sure you are saving your servo profiles, then re-loading them when you open the project? If you don't actually save them they will reset each time you load ARC. I'd advise loading the profile you have for the 4v boards and re-save it with a different name. That way you are sure you're using the right profile and then when you get another v4 you can just start loading the old v4 only file again.


@Antron007, I tried what you suggested and it will not work. I'll just wait for my new V4. Thanks.

@Richard R, Good one.