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Connect Leds

This tutorial will explain how to connect LEDs to the EZ-B.

1 x LED [eBay]
1 x servo Cable [eBay]

Step 1
Purchase LEDs and servo Wires from eBay or your favourite electrical supply shop.

Step 2
Cut the MALE side off the servo wire if it exists.

Step 3
Expose the conductive wire of the White and Black. Cut the Red short and leave it.

Step 4
Solder the White wire to the longest LED lead (Positive).

Step 5
Solder the Black wire to the shortest LED lead (Negative).

Step 6
Connect the servo Plug to the EZ-B (Black is facing outwards, White is closest to the microchip)

Step 7
Wrap electrical tape around each lead to prevent shorting.

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Is there a way to vary the intensity of a standard LED with the EZB and ARC? Or is it only digital on/off? Thanks for the help!
You bet! Add a servo Control for the LED, instead of a Digital Control. Use the slider of the servo control to adjust the brightness:D
I wanted to follow up so everyone can see the EZB's abilities.

Here is a video of another part of my Halloween project. A crow with red LED eyes and soon a micro servo to turn the head.

I wanted a flame type look for the eyes.


Flickering LEDs using the EZB robot controller and ARC:

Set up LED using a servo control rather than the set digital control which is just on or off. The servo control allow you to vary the intensity of the LED.



And check repeat.

That's it. Simple and effective.

Note: for some reason I couldn't embed the YouTube video on here. Sorry about that.
Awesome! that crows going to look really freaky at night:)
Cool Bird! You should add a servo in the neck and make it also randomly operated, that would look sick!
hey cjme,
just go to the video, click "share" then copy just the last part of the link,
everything after /
and then click "add youTube video" on the right. and cha ching!