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Congrats To Dschulpius

3 EZRobot people entered the Instructables robot contest and Dave was one of the runnerups! Very cool! Next time I hope to see more entries running V4's.
. Congrats Dave! Show us the prize when u can.


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Yes ... congrats !

Well deserved for all your hard work.
That's awesome!

It's true - you all have such amazing projects! It's the most wonderful feeling to log onto the website and watch your robots being created. I thank you for sharing them with us and the community - however, remember there is an entire world out there! A big world of enthusiasts who you will inspire.

Share with the World! Publish videos on YouTube. Post on other forums. Show the World what you have created and inspire others to do the same.

As a community, our robots are far superior to anything else out there. EZ-Robot users are rarely impressed with other robots - including robots from the big billion dollar companies!
I humbly accept this award and want to thank my Mom, my wife, my kids, my friends my robot buddies, robot teachers, my dogs yada, yada, yada.......... :P:P:P Now I'm just waiting on the T-shirt I won. *eek*

Really though, thanks guys. It was nice and a suprise to get the e-mail from Instructables and this at-a-boy form you guys. Building this Lost in Space B9 has been a labor of love and one of the most challenging things I've ever done. It's stretched all my abilities and knowledge and I've learned so much. The people I've encountered along the way (like you all and the guys and gals over on the B9 Builders Club) have been some of the coolest, most helpful and nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

I cant wait to get my V4 EZBs integrated into B9 and see just how amazing they will make him. I just hope my talent and imagination will do justice to what EZ Robot is capable of doing. :)
South Africa
congrats dave

you deserved to win:):)
Dave , I just want to point out here instructables favors simplicity over complex efforts. In my book sir you are a winner for sure. I hope you frame that shirt like it was a Dan Marino championship game day jersey because you sure as h3ll earned it.;) thankyou for representing the ez robot community in the contest. - Josh
The main reason I entered was to show what EZ Robots could do.
Congrats to you Dave! I think Josh is exactly right. You're first place in our book.
United Kingdom
Well done Dave, you have built an amazing robot!
Great job, for winning.

Late to the party here. Big congrats. Particularly good because your entry wasn't really an instructable so much as a showcase of what you have accomplished, but what you have accomplished is so impressive I guess they had no choice but to award you a prize!

Nicely done Dave! Pictures pictures!:D
That was awesome. Congrats @Dave Schulpius!

It was also awesome to see all the rest of what people made. Most people are using arduino and other things... we gotta get everyone on the ez-b board:D
Thanks again everyone!

@aislinn, Here's a pic of the big guy,

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
United Kingdom
Love that pic of the B9 next to the R2D2, it just shows how huge a project the B9 is.

Awesome work!
For anyone interested here's a link to a picture journal of my build process. It has around 200 pics from start to not to long ago. I've been lax lastly in adding new pictures but it's fairly up to date. You can mouse over the pics for info or click on them for bigger pics:

Dave's B9 build project on Smugmug

Here's a link to my EZ Robot project page, I hate the title I gave it in the beginning but we can't change thread titles once saved:

First Real Look At My Ez-b Controlled Full Size Lis B9 Robot

Thanks for looking and all the nice comments!
Well done @Dave!
@Dave this is unreal! You are very talented sir. It's huge!
Way to go Dave! I'm with Josh on this your B9 is the Bomb Pop on the 4th of July Day Parade. And I agree with Rich, seeing him next to R2 and the old school game cabinet really puts him in to perspective. Congratulation Dave, you've more than earned it.;)