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Community Polling?

I just had a thought. Have you considered adding a polling feature on the website? I think that would be helpful when you want to know at a glance (as well as short and to the point) what the general opinion/wants might be of your community as a whole.


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That'd be a neat idea. The website isn't built on an existing framework. I wrote the website framework myself, so every addition is custom. I'd have to think about how to implement into the forum.:) I like everyones ideas! Now to work on a cloning machine:D
Yeh! you need to cloan yourself. That way with a dozen of you, you might not be so busy.

Above Meant with respect and dignity.

Have you considered moving to a phpBB based message board?
The features builtin are vast, it remembers what you've read so it can mark unread vs read topics different & there's a button by each topic that takes you directly to the 1st new message since you last read it, & theirs a page that shows every topic with new messages since your last visit... There's private messaging, polls, user profiles where users can set where they're from & email/web/IM/FB addresses that only other members can see, profiles also gives you a 'view all posts by this user' link. Etc-etc.
You could setup a team of volunteers to help admin/moderate the new board, maybe relieve some workload off yourself. All my favorite boards are run this way. I'd volunteer.
ndavid, we won't be using any off the shelf products because we prefer an intergrated messageboard/userbase system and control our own security and bugs fixes.:)
:) I do like volunteers though! Need to figure out how to start getting extra help:D
Anything I can do on a computer/online to help, I would be glad too. I'll soon be able to design & cnc machine prototype cases for electronics & robot parts if you need anything like that.
I'm so wanting to take advantage of that ndavid , I would like to have heavier/thicker plastic gears copies of my existing ones , or heck even light aluminum :). Let me know the moment you get it.
Dj you should make a babble fish spell checker in the reply field .:D