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Community Forum Search

I've been using the Community Forum Search to get more information on the 4-in-1 sensor.
I get 114,798 Threads returned and I've noticed that every post to a thread is showing up separately thus the huge volume of threads. Makes using the search engine very time consuming. I don't recall it being like this in the past.

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Hope you figure it out BHouston, but until then...

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I was going to make a post about the forum search, because I was trying information for a tutorial I was making, but the first bit of relevant info was on page four. I suggest the algorithm is revamped, and filters are added, such as title only, user, etc.
That or utilize google search built in.
Do you mean Google search is built into ezb software?
no, from google. Google does a great job of indexing these forums and is often the best way to find information.
Following up on @bhouston initial comment, it seems there is forum search bug.

IF you search:

returns the #114,825 entries:

1) thread 10327, debug info in the description: 154.movex_counter.

2) thread 10327, duplicated entry, debug info in the description: 176.movex_counter.

all the other threads are not related i.e. no search token and debug info in the description:



We can assume -1 means no relevance and we can blame Alan:) he left his signature there.

*** Alan only in the first non related post:)
I have been using the google site: technique you told me about a few months ago and it works great!

Thanks for the tip,