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None of the multiple microprocessors in the EZ-B v4 can be turned off by code. There would be no way to turn them off individually either. You could turn off the entire EZ-B v4, but that would require additional hardware. The best way would be to use a solid state relay or high amp transistor on the power lines - and control it from a digital port. Of course, once the power is off it won’t be able to turn back on by the digital port... because the power is off :)


That makes sense. I could turn power back on some other way. I will work on it.

Thanks DJ



funny ellis when i read your topic,this is what happened,just an idea i have. look at your tv and all kinds of devices ,they all has a stand by mode. nothing is really powered off.some devices actully turn on, when commin near to a power source.i know you like an on/off button,just like me. just for being to be able to have any chance of working this idea. A you may not have an on/off button,but like the NAO robot chest button. B it has to be personal working with ARC. C how do you keep the power source (batterie ) full ?


The Rely idea is a great route. I recently tried it. I use the USB port of my tablet to to power on/off the relays powwe,while the EZB poer is routed thru  the relays contacts. I wanted a way to allow the tablet to fully ull boot  just before the EZB powers up, then when Windows10  is  running, it auto connects to the EZB. works gret and I made sur ethe relay has little power drain of the USB port.


I like the power relay. I am thinking about controlling the relay automatically with a condition.

When you say you control relay with the USB port on laptop are you saying the laptop and EZ-B are connected by wire.


What if I put another IoTiny board on my robot and have it run the relay to turn off power.  That could run on a seperate power source so it can remain on and allow me to turn power back on again.  Can't I disconnect the main Ezb and still run the second IoTiny?  This would allow me to turn my main controller on and off as I please with existing program


You could use a second, but you'd be powering the second to turn it on and off.

If you controlled the relay from USB of the PC, then that would work to. So when the PC is off, so is the EZ-B. Does that work? Get the relay switch power from the USB of the PC

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Let me get this straight. I will use the usb output to plug in what and how will it communicate with the robots new power relay.

I am excited about this idea. Thanks DJ for helping.

Did this get posted.  Sent it out yesterday

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How about using a smart switch that hooks into your wifi? A lot of them have apps you can have on your phone that will let you remotely switch power on and off. A lot of them also will allow you to use Alexa and turn it on and off with your voice. Of course thie would only work with 110vac. If your robot is powered from DC batteries You would still need a relay to put between the power switch and the robot.

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Thanks I am looking into it.  I will let you know what I decided.


You can use an ATmega328P and a relay uses very low power and you can put it into sleep mode. Adafruit also has a TPL5110 that you can set a timer and it will power on your device within a set period.

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I'm sorry, it was not intended to be a sales ad. I thought I was giving an option to try.


That’s the most applicable spam I’ve ever seen on this forum. Im not even going to delete it because it actually could be used. Now, an iotiny with a solid state relay is cheaper and more customizable. But boy, that’s a great spammer!