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Chinese Newyear Stunning

here an idea for dj&team


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Absolutely cool ! Bipeds and drones.
lot off money standing there.i only need one.:D
Lots of unsold inventory is what I see:)
selling robots is not easy to do.i dont think there so many robots,i think they,
work with mirrors.

yes its ann empty robot,no cam ,no turning head,no gyro,no rgb
499 euro.the robot has strong servo's do.40 cm tall works on android and ios.
Mirrors ... lol
Who could listen to that many servos at once!
I got one of the Alpha 2 coming to me within the next month got in on the early bird $499.00 special and I ended up with extra battery and servo +choice of color and whatever else swag they give.. but wanted to try different robot style along with all my ezrobot I have got.

yeach i got one to alpha2 preorder,:D
Did you guys who pre-ordered one check out the software for it? Can people other than software engineers use it? The robot looks cool, but it is a "kickstarter scary" product so I am going to say " lots of teething problems"?... If the software sucks then you guys at least get a nice $499 paper weight...:P

***EDIT*** Just Googled it... A lot of bold claims...And of course companies never exaggerate on what their products can do LOL.... Guess we'll see if they deliver or not...:)
it works with apps to.for android and ios.they make it for you.
also they have program similar like bioloid.with video tutorial.:D:D:D