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Wonder if that is one of the stolen robots that have been purchased? Last month we had $12,000 robots of stolen credit cards purchased. We're now working with credit card companies to crack down:)

thats awfull, wich you many luck to find these unfair people
@DJ Holy crap!.... The only good news here is that there is such a demand for your products that crooks are willing to take the risk to steal them from you...
Someone should bid them up and not pay.... a** hats....
@DJ I asked the US seller why he is selling the kit. Waiting to hear back. The guy has been selling since 2007 according to ebay profile.

I'm curious as to his answer back.
you can notify ebay that they are stolen.
how can they do it,this stealing?
yeach but dj has to have the money first before sending?
ah yes they steal or copie cards and by them empty.
i saw this on tv.

sorry to hear that..they belong in jail,thats for sure.
@nomad... by the time the cards comeback stolen the products are usually already shipped... too late then....
i know the feeling.i had a new cbr 900 cc honda stolen.it had just 4000 km,
on it.i saw on tv they by a excample big flatscreen and put it on the internet,
for half prize.its sold whitin 15 min.
United Kingdom

Worrying thing is 3 out of the 4 stolen units are from UK sellers on Ebay!

You can't trust the Brit's :)
United Kingdom
That's because we seem to import criminals in to this country!
United Kingdom
Damn, really sorry to hear that DJ *mad*. Not the same thing but I was nearly stung using eBay a few days back.

Long story short, a laptop I put up was sold. Buyer asked for it to be shipped to the U.S. Later they asked for it to be shipped to Lagos and offered to double the purchase price to cover the shipping. Alarm bells rang. Then got three emails from PayPal asking for a tracking number then the funds would be released. More alarm bells as emails didn't look right to me. I contacted eBay and then PayPal forwarding the suspected emails. eBay got back to me first saying the so called "buyer" was not an eBay member. Then PayPal got in touch confirming that the emails were indeed "Spoof" emails. Had I not had my chocolate milk that morning, or been a more vulnerable person, I could have been out of pocket for about £400.

There really are some unscrupulous little (insert bad word here)'s out there. Again sorry to hear about your loss DJ. I just hope they get what's coming to them.
sorry to hear of theft from ez-robot
would it be possible to ship cards that require login to use or when updating software.
United Kingdom
Not looking to buy it, but I used the "Contact seller" earlier to the ask the seller of JD 1 why they were selling JD so cheap...


Hi there.

I m very interested in buying this for my son for his birthday next month. I m just wondering why the price your selling it for is £100 cheaper than the price the company who made it? Are there any missing parts and is it in full working order? I ve not heard of exrobots and this seems a bargain compared to their price.

Many thanks.

Mr Gibbs.

Here is their VERY brief response...


item is brand new and genuine i just need some cash flow asap

Yeah right!

BTW, I don't have a son, and I have heard of EZ-Robot (obviously, lol):P