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Cheap Robot Platform On Ebay

Here is an inexpensive robot to EZ-Robotify.




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Great platform to start learning robotics.
Lol I have one with the remote if someone wants it
United Arab Emr
Hi josh,
if interested to sell:)
Is it in a good condition ?
How many kg ?
I work in Saudi Arabia so shipping is the main issue.
It is pretty good condition. I imagine shipping there is pricy but if you wanted it I could gut the electronics, batteries, speaker and motors out of it to make it lighter. If I take it apart it would be lighter without the old control board and such you won't use anyways because you will be using EZB anyways. :D if I disassembled it I could sent it in a bubble mailer. My email is kandyred@gmail.com if you want to talk further. I believe if I remove all the electronics , cut out the battery box. I can get get it very light for you.
United Arab Emr
Taking all its Guts ....Wooww
Will continue offline.
United Kingdom
RADs were popping up a lot over here a few months back, I've not checked lately though (too many bought not enough spare change to buy more really). Very cheap and the base is really good as a platform, lasts ages on 6xAA batteries and is quick!
Lol I have a spare one of those too. I bought three when I found them for about 30 bucks shipped a few months ago. I chopped them up to make one base have 4 gearboxes for twice the torque for outdoor fun:)
United Arab Emr
I am looking for wall-E one but I am not sure why they are so expensive .
United Kingdom
They have been expensive for a while. I got mine literally just before the prices shot up.

I can only think the reason is because they are so awesome and so easy to mod.
Yup I'm sure all the rad robots being modded made the value double lol. I remember back when eZ robot started you could find a walle for about 30 dollars now your lucky to find one under 100