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Canadian Hitchbot

EZ-Robot team, have you guys seen or heard of HitchBot?

Looks like it's going to start its hitch hiking adventure July 27th, 2014

If you guys are able to give Hitchbot a ride back to the HQ for a party or something I'm sure Hitchbot would enjoy meeting some other Canadian robots. ;)


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That is very interesting. I hope he makes it all the way across Canada and doesn't get disassembled along the way.


Or maybe someone will pick him up and install an EZB4 in him and make him smarter.


very cool idea. i wonder if anyone will try to take little dude home and keep him lol


If this was tried in the USA the poor thing would probably end up in parts and pieces and assimilated into used cars and stereo equipment. eek


The robot just needs to ask the driver " hey this neighborhood is a little rough for a robot like me , keep on driving a few more miles" haha


if he gets it danger he just says "Core Explosion in 10 9 8 7 6 5 ... I bet no one is still standing close when he gets to 1


It worked for the robot in the movie "Robot and Frank"