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Can The Interface For Robosapien Work For Robosapien V2 Model

DJ i have a few robosapiens v1 and few robosapiens v2 and want to know if the commands work for both

and on robosapien v2 version it has a built in camera are will able to access it


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From the tutorials; "RoboSapien Movement Panel allows you to connect the EZ-B to the RoboSapien (v1 or v2). Every remote ControlCommand() is available within ARC and the EZ-SDK."

Using the camera wont be as straight forward as it'll need to somehow connect to and be recognised by Windows.


Thats what i thought on the camera ,most likely its hook up to a micro inside the robosapien BUT i think it has a IR command

And to acess it it needs a change in the Movement Panel or script command added

I was looking at the video DJ made for robosapien doesnt say anything about the V2 version ,since it does have a lot more commands ,but has a IR port should work about the same

Update i found it ,i guess i missed it,mostly looking at video instead of the first heading saying it will work for V1 OR V2

I guess my next question is for DJ DJ are you able to add robosapien v2 camera control to the movent panel and scripts


It will not be possible to add support for the robosapien camera. My suggestion is to remove the robosapien camera and replace it with an EZ-Robot camera.


OK good idea,i had that idea in mind too,was just hopping you could i dont think it has a video output for computer,its just for tracking objects and colors


The robosapien camera only tracks the color red - not objects. They use a misleading choice of wording in their advertising regarding "object tracking" :)


OK thanks DJ, what about the femisapien model,can your interface control it

SHE is so cool and she is lonely without robosapien v2,cool to add a bluetooth camera on her too


On my RoboRAD I am not using the Robosapien Movement Panel as I am going to be driving a rad base with an H-bridge. I am hooking up to the ports as described by DJ, but will be using script and voice recognition to control the roboRAD's movements.


Thats the plan for mine too,but also i may make the younger brother using only EZBand control him by the other ROBORADS