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Can Pimoroni Servo 2040 Be An EZB?

I plan to use a Raspi 4 as an embedded SBC.  From that I want to use four EZBs to control sensors and servos.  Does anyone know how to make a Pimoroni servo 2040 into an EZB?  Is it possible?  

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#1   — Edited
We do not have a Pimoroni servo 2040 controller to test with, but we may be able to whip up a firmware for you to try. They are not Arduino compatible, so our existing firmware will not work on their onboard microcontroller. They are python compatible, so the firmware could be altered to work with python. We were hoping you could test the various firmware we build to get it right.

Have you considered using any supported EZBs or servo controllers? As seen here: https://synthiam.com/Support/Hardware/Hardware-Overview
Thank you for your response.
I'd  really appreciate it if you could put something together for the board.  I would be more than happy to test the code and assist in anyway so we can get a new EZB going!
Let me know if you need further info from me.
Thank again.

do you mean something like this ?

User-inserted image
Well that IS the board!  I need to use the sensor inputs as well as the servos.  Since I want 4 boards, how would they communicate with ARC on the Raspi?  I2C?

i found this video about the servo board 2040 .

They'll communicate via USB, I believe. The documentation for that board is quite vague. We're having a few challenges sorting it out
I have great faith in your abilities!