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Camera For Omnibot

My omnibot goes in the dishwasher tonight and I will be ordering my EZ board with my next pay check. In the mean time, what kind of wireless camera do I need to use? Does it need to come with the receiver or how do I see it on my computer?


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We're finalizing changes to the buy area now. It's been an interesting time negotiating with suppliers for parts. I think they're testing now... should be another hour or so maybe. I'm excited and nervous to be carrying peripherals! We have a whole bunch more coming in the next few weeks. Including rover platforms and IR decoders and compasses and claws and arms more and more and more:) All EZ-B compliant:D
And I expect that you will be moving your headquarters to Australia. Tomorrow of course
Is that an invite? I've always wanted to learn to surf!
Well Australia has it all. And I mean everything
LOL That's funny. I have a good friend who moved to Australia. She teaches diving instruction there. She moved there in July and fell in love with it on her first dive. Since then she's working full time and got all her requirements. Sometimes I think it'd be pretty cool to experience a few months of "nothing" but bumming around and living on a boat. You live near the water?
Looks like an awesome robot kit you put together, DJ! Looks like everything you'd need to get started and you can even customize your own.

Looks like I waited for the perfect time to buy. ;) That'll be added to my shopping cart!

...And as an extra-bonus, I won the eBay auction for my donor-bot today. Good news all around. :D

~"If it's not EZ, you're trying too hard!"~
Thanks dude!!! It has been a crazy time negotiating overseas. What's your donor-bot?

PS Love that quote!
I live in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, an hour and a half from Brisbane. It is an awesome place. But the closest beach is about half an hour away.
If I could drive to a beach in an hour and a half from here, i'd be a happy dude:) ... I live in Calgary, which is in the prairies of Canada. It's about an hour to the Rocky Mountains from my house, which is nice. It really is a beautiful scene.... But come on, rocks? really? Gimmie water anyday!:D
hi, with the motion and color tracking what is roughly the range that the camera can detecting and tracking an object? say using the 2.4g camera DJ uses in his video tutorial. thanks:)

Do you mean how far can the object be from the camera, or how far can the camera be from the computer?

The colored object size that the camera sees is adjustable. I've never tried with anything too far away. The resolution of the wireless camera isn't fantastic for industrial nasa style robotics:) But if you were to use the EZ-SDK, then you can easily make a laser equiped satellite with it:D

As for the distance of the camera... I haven't gone more than 30 or so feet before. Usually the robot loses range before the camera does:)

And more Australians! Geez, you are right... I may have to move there!
Yeah sweet, i meant how far the object can be from the camera, that's alright because the camera would be to track motion and color. Yeah ill give the EZ-SDK a shot as Im learning to program next year for school so hopefully my project will turn out fantastic:)

YEP! its the place to be:)
That robot kit is great! Will have to treat my self to it when pick up another ezb:)
Oh I'm from Australia to:P west coast though, 5 min from beach:) not really a beach kinda person though:P
Gunny, we need to trade spots!
I can imagine the challenges in dealing with overseas suppliers. Thank you for doing all the legwork for us all!

My donor-bot will be a Radio Shack Robie Sr. It's not in the best condition cosmetically, but for $20 + S/H it's worth it. Robie Sr. will get a new lease on, what looks like, a hard life after a nice soothing EZ-B treatment... It's like tonic for what ails your robot!;)

Haha! Glad you liked the quote, DJ. "Share and Enjoy!"
i'm in usa but i want to metal detect for gold in australia. so invite me too

DJ can we get money or points or something lol if we help you with ideas, for updates on the board, software, website etc?

here is an idea, can you put an RSS feed on your site, i dont personlly use them but i think it would be something you can let people add to their browser to see live updates from your site. and if its not live, then its a repeating scrolling marquee of the most up to date news. people could view it no matter what website they are on.

also maybe make an option to receive and reply to forum comments via text message on our cell, with a maximum amount of replies or posts per day texted, etc.

i would like to also see a video out option in full screen with no tracking squares or lines on the video screen, in case i want to view a live image of what the bot sees, using video glasses or a laptop, etc.

i have another idea but it is top secret.
Everyone is allowed in Australia. I am sure we need some people like you guys. If you are not here "Where the bloody hell are you?"
If nobody got that it is a line from one of the Tourism Australia advertisments. I don't acutally have TV but I heard it somewhere