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Camera Mods

Hey guys, ive seen a few posts where people have said they have moded the ez camera to run off the ez board / main power supply, and removed the need for a power switch etc, but cant find any details on how to perform them.

Anyone got any details on how to do these? Or even better a video?




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There is a tutorial video on this site. I have done two cameras and before the mod they were very flaky. But, after the mod, they have been rock solid.

hope this helps.

You got it winstn60 - I followed what you did and it works beautifully.
I am a little late. sorry. I was going to say that both were fine. I did cut the battery off of it because it is so small and doesn't really do much. But, it works GREAT, doesn't it?
United Kingdom
So can the camera safely handle to 5v connected tothe battery terminals? Or should you really step down the voltage?
United Kingdom
A little late possibly but my camera has been running on +5v since I got my EZ-B and has had no problems handling it. Admittedly it's only been on for a short time and only a handfull of times. Soldered direct to the PCB as winstn60's method rather than cutting the USB cable.

It has an issue with the EZ-B turning it on and off - as in it turns on fine (sometimes without me even asking) but wont turn off. Not a problem as I don't ever want to turn it off when the ez-b is on. Is that normal?
I kept the battery in mine and use the USB for charge from an EZ-B Digital Ports PWR & GND Pin and modded a removable plug for the cam switch to the EZ-B Signal Pin.

@RichMR2 Using ToggleDigital(Dx) set for 1 second Sleep(1000) seems to work for ON and, as you noticed, it can turn on "by itself" sometimes when initially powering on the EZ-B.

You have to play around with the timings for OFF; I found 4 seconds Sleep(4000) seems to work OK for me.


ToggleDigital (D1)
ToggleDigital (D1)