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Camera For Mac

Is the EZ-robot wireless camera Mac compatible?
Or are there any other Mac compatible wireless cameras that anyone could recommend for a robot.

Just wondering if I can postpone the inevitable purchase of a Windows machine as my son and I get into this game.

thanks very much


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United Kingdom
I guess any mac compatible camera will work, possibly even the EZ-Kit camera (can't test it, I don't have a mac).

Personally, I would bite the bullet. This "game" will get you, a windows box shouldn't be too expensive. Build your own for cheap, pick up Windows 8 upgrade and use it for a new install (it works) as it's cheap at the moment.
@Kreidberg, our camera apparently works with a Mac - but don't quote me on that because I cannot verify. Our software is only windows, so our camera is useless on a Mac:)
Yup buy you a netbook and dedicate it as a FANCY remote control for you robots.;) -Josh S
Actually I've tested the camera in my mac, captures a single frame and then just streams the same frame. As for the software I'd be happy to share one of my ports I've made for mac and iOS:)
Dux, I'd love to see your port:D
Well, they're not as advanced as your SDK, but it works for my robot :). The one of iOS only has servo control as I started it this weekend. It requires jailbreaking though:P as Apple can only talk with their approved devices or BLE, and your bluetooth module is not BLE, sorry for that :P. Anyways here they are

Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/?zr4ogugrylxsds5
The mac version uses MonoMac for GUI, but the underlying library is built on Mono so works on Windows and Linux too.

iOS: http://www.mediafire.com/?ele94a9y8ybz22b
For iOS I don't use Xcode, I use theos make system and objective c, if you're willing to jailbreak check it out:) .

Just know, they're primitive, I'm not DJ :). But if anyone actually uses it and wants a feature I can add it :).