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Can I just buy the part I need from somewhere? I have wasted more time and energy and I'm ready to throw the thing out the window trying to print the part I need at the right size.


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use a professional printing service if you need it done at a perfect size without the hassle. it does cost more but it is a trade off in time spent trying a couple times. is popular but lots of other people offer this service.


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If you want to buy parts for JD, or a whole JD, click on Products on the top of this web site.

JD whole kit:

Individual body parts:

Sensors (includes JD's head)



I think JMimpy is probably still trying to create a JD neck from this thread:

The problem I had when printing the neck was finding the right servo, which ultimately lead to my need for the micro HD servo from EZ-Robot because the sizes of servos and spline (gear head) vary widely in servos and finding the right servo elseware or modifying the .stl to fit a different servo is difficult.

But, the entire neck by it's self is not something currently offered in the store.

If we want a new neck we have to either buy the entire JD head or buy the HD micro servo and then print the neck parts to assemble our own.

I think it would be cool to have the neck that you could buy in the store assembled as an individual part and maybe have alternative lever attachment with a male EZ-Bit that you could swap out and have smaller lever for sensors.


Yes I am STILL trying to print the neck piece. I can get it to fit in the gears going to the head, but can't get it to fit the gears going to the servo. I looked at the products to buy and to get the piece I need I have to buy the whole head. I am beyond frustrated. I have printed over 20 of these and none are working. I don't know what else to try. :(


@JMimpy... Are you printing in PLA or ABS? ABS works better... This is what I did... Heat the part up where the servo horn would go with a heat gun (carefully)... It will now be pliable enough to push the servo spline into the part...


@Jmippy , just use a drill bit and bore out the hole and use a tiny bit of epoxy or even thermal plastic like morphit. as long as it is physically correct you can work around fitment onto a servo. Lots of 3d printers are not calibrated well enough to print the spline to press onto a servo perfectly.


Even some high temp hotglue could set a piece of plastic onto the servo spline.


Thank you I will give both those suggestions a try.